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Zenkaikon 2023 Interview w/ Nika Futterman

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

Getting invited to Zenkaikon was a big honor, and our team was so happy to interview some of our favorite hall of fame members. Our first interview was with Nika Futterman. We chose to go with more spitfire questions, and a lot of these questions not with much preparation might have been answered correctly or were last minute.

Senpai: Favorite food?

Nika Futterman: Sushi

Senpai: Favorite fruit?

Nika Futterman: Peach

Senpai: Favorite color?

Nika Futterman: It changes all the time, at the moment its orange.

Senpai: Favorite place in the USA?

Nika Futterman: I do love where I live LA, but I am from New York but LA.

Senpai: Favorite place in the world?

Nika Futterman: Mexico.

Senpai: Least favorite food ?

Nika Futterman: Liver and Onions.

Senpai: Favorite anime?

Nika Futterman: This is funny, because I have no idea , I don't watch cartoons or anime or play video games but lately I need to watch an anime. I have a whole list i need to watch. I watch mostly dark stuff.

Senpai: First game you ever played?

Nika Futterman: Atari because of my brother so first game was Pong and Astroids.

Senpai: Favorite board game?

Nika Futterman: Trivial Pursuit and Rummikub.

Senpai: Favorite spot in the house?

Nika Futterman: Kitchen.

Senpai: Favorite movie?

Nika Futterman: This is going to be really tough, I can give you a few so like back in the day, I know this sounds really crazy but in my childhood "The Champ" I know most people don't know that becuase they are young. Abouta boxer and relationship with his son. Terms of Endearment and I love Terminator, Matrix, and recent was Creed 3 was aamzing. I love movies about crushing. I been watching a lot more televesion then movies.

Senpai: Favorite series?

Nika Futterman: Wow, I should have had my phone on me for this but the Last of us on HBO. I love sopranos, 6 feet under, big fan of the book Game of Thrones. The new one House of Dragons i love it. Black Bird was amazing, in terms of love storie but i love dark stuff like "Dark" the German show and "1899" as well. Normal People is a love story that you should check out.

Senpai: Favorite Book?

Nika Futterman: I have so many but lets do 100 years of solitude.

Senpai: Favorite Quote?

Two words for everybody, "Love yourself!"

Senpai: Favorite thing to cook?

Nika Futterman: I would say like cooking different theme or genre cooking, one day middle eastern, the next day Italian and so on and so fourth. I like changing it around.

Senpai: Favorite junk food?

Nika Futterman: There are so many, maybe what I am eating now, Oreas!

Senpai: Favorite musical band?

Nika Futterman: Ricky Lee Jones, but i have so many! I would be selling my whole love for music.

We thank you for the time and hope to ask you more interesting and fun questions in the future!



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