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Cerebrum Opera Collage Facebook part 3 P
What emotion conquers you the most?


Greetings and welcome to our most exciting news to date!


Senpai project presents our first ever manga volume “Cerebrum Opera”. 


After two years of working day and night, we are proud to present to you the full first version of the manga on us.

What if one day you woke up knowing they came to life? Every day, we struggle with and have to learn to control them. Before they cost you your life. 


Welcome to Dextro High School, where the weakest minds must encounter the strongest to live another day! Watch how a group of students have to confront their greatest nightmares: Prince Anger, Lady Fear, Princess Anti-Social, Lord Sadness, Aunt Love, Doctor Shame, Mister Depression, Misses Lonely, Boy Doubt, and more.

Please read left to right!

Want more?

In order for us to continue publishing more volumes of “Cerebrum Opera” and others in the work we need your help! 


Please follow all our social media pages and share this manga with your friends. The higher the demand for more volumes, the more likely we can continue this story.


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We want to thank our entire team and especially want to thank you the fans for making all this happen! 


Let us all embark on this beautiful adventure together.

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