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Zenkaikon 2023 Interview w/ John Swasey

Our team was thrilled to be invited to Zenkaikon, and interviewing some of our favorite hall-of-fame members was a great honor. John Swasey was our first interviewee, and we decided to ask him some more spontaneous and rapid-fire questions. Although we didn't have much time to prepare, he still managed to answer many of our questions correctly.

Senpai: Favorite food?

John Swasey: Pho with extra tripe

Senpai: Favorite fruit?

John Swasey: Orange

Senpai: Favorite color?

John Swasey: Blue

Senpai: Favorite place in the USA?

John Swasey: Wherever I am!

Senpai: Favorite place in the world?

John Swasey: Right now, I would say England. My wife is a big fan, and we also did a convention there. I would like to go to Scotland.

Senpai: Least favorite food?

John Swasey: Liver.

Senpai: Favorite anime?

John Swasey: Boy and the Beast! Not just because I play the beast but because it is a beautiful movie.

Senpai: Favorite board game?

John Swasey: Risk.

Senpai: Favorite social media?

John Swasey: Myspace, joking, it would be Instagram.

Senpai: Favorite movie?

John Swasey: Let's go with three or more, Jaws, Apolcople Now, Blazing saddles, and Team America. What is really interesting is that I never watched South Park, but I love Team America.

Senpai: Favorite series?

John Swasey: This is going to sound cheeky, but Breaking Bad. It was so clean, I do like Better call Saul because it fills in the spots. Looking at it from a different perspective. El Camino was, eh.

Senpai: Favorite Book?

John Swasey: I like to read plays like Tennessee Williams or Shakespeare.

Senpai: Favorite Sport?

John Swasey: Soccer and Baseball. Team, Houston Astroid, and as for Soccer I just like watching it. Growing up in my school, we didn't have Football or anything but soccer. That was a sport that I grew up playing. We have a heavily Hispanic community so I love it!

Senpai: Favorite junk food?

John Swasey: A potato chip called Boulder Canyon! The ingredients are pretty simple, avocado oil, potatoes, and sea salt, and that's it!

Senpai: Favorite musical band?

John Swasey: Grateful Dead, right below them is The Allman Brothers.

We thank you for the time and hope to ask you more exciting and fun questions in the future!



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