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WIT Studio Started a Vertical-Scrolling Manga app called "HykeComic."

The manga is set in a universe where humans may now create magic using "apparatus" instead of wands and spells, rendering conventional robed wizards obsolete. It is based on Fuzi and OZ WORD's original novel Wizards Nova.

Estée is a magician who was raised in a rural area. She was introduced to magic by her grandmother when she was a little child, but she is incapable of even learning the basics. She makes the decision to relocate in order to attend a magic school in the big metropolis. She becomes entangled in the struggle to rescue the planet there.

The anime series Attack on Titan, Spy Family, and Ranking of Kings, among others, include animation from Wit Studio.

In 2021, Wit Studio and Fuzi worked together to create the original web animation The Missing 8 based on Fuzi's music videos. The animation was directed by Naoki Yoshibe (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure).

The Tate Anime (Vertical Anime) app by Production I.G was released in June 2017 and discontinued in May 2018. After being reintroduced in June 2018 under the new moniker Anime Beans, the app's service was terminated on March 31 of this year. Each series in the Tate Anime app included ten episodes and was just three minutes long. It was updated every day throughout the workweek. For mobile devices, the anime were shown vertically.

Last year, BookWalker Global introduced the vertical-scrolling webcomic TATESC Comics brand in English. In August 2021, Kadokawa began offering the service in Japanese.

In February, Bandana Comic, a vertical-scrolling manga label and service, was launched by Echoes, Bandai, and Bandai Namco Filmworks. After the summer, the website will go live, and service should start by the end of 2023.

In May, Shueisha said that it would introduce Jump Toon, a new vertical scrolling manga service, in 2024.

This month, Rakuten made an announcement about their collaboration with Nitroplus, Straight Edge Inc., and Shonengahosha to introduce their R-Toon vertical-scrolling manga service.



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