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Who are Cable and Stryfe?

Updated: Aug 15, 2018

Cable and Stryfe (Source:

With the new update for the Marvel Future Fight game, they introduced a new character by the name of Stryfe. I didn't know all that much about the villain, so I did some comic book digging. After learning some new information, I realized that I couldn't understand Stryfe without learning more about Cable. The two Marvel characters are clones, so their history is intertwined. Join me on a journey of understanding more of Marvel's Mythos.

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Nathan "Cable" Summers was born to Scott "Cyclops" Summers and Madelyne Pryor, who was a clone of Jean Grey. Madelyne was created by the evil villain, Mister Sinister, to seduce Cyclops and give birth to one of the most powerful mutants. Mister Sinister's plans came to fruition the day that Nathan was born. Mister Sinister wanted to use Nathan to defeat Apocalypse. After learning of Mister Sinister's plans, Apocalypse kidnapped Nathan and infected him with the Techno-Organic Virus.

At this time, Apocalypse had to change bodies every thousand years because of his great mutant abilities. The Techno-Organic virus was meant to test Nathan's strength. Apocalypse thought that if he could survive the illness, then Nathan would serve as Apocalypse's final host body. The X-Factor team saved Nathan from Apocalypse and used the AI, Ship, to slow the spread of the virus.

An opposing group to Apocalypse named, Clan Askani, offered to take the young Nathan to the future where they could treat the boy for the virus. Cyclops agreed and allowed their leader, Mother Askani, to take Nathan to the 38th Century. Unknown to Cyclops, Mother Askani was, in fact, his daughter from a separate timeline, Rachel Summers.

Rachel and Clan Askani feared that they were unable to heal Nathan from the Techno-Organic Virus fully. They decided it would be a good idea to clone the boy just in case they failed in treating him, or if Apocalypse came back for him. Clan Askani then aged the clone quickly so that both Nathan and his clone were identical.

Unfortunately, the Apocalypse of the 38th century gained word of Nathan in the Askani base and sent his forces to kidnap him once again. Apocalypse kidnapped the clone and raised it, himself, and named him Stryfe. Rachel was able to escape with Nathan to safety. With Rachel's dying breath, she transported the minds of Cyclops and Jean Grey to the future to raise Nathan and teach him how to be the hero, Cable. Cyclops and Jean also helped Cable develop his powers so that he could keep the Techno-Organic Virus at bay without the help of Ship.

Stryfe shocked at Cable's appearance (Source: Marvel Comics)

Nature over Nurture

Growing up with very different role models, Cable and Stryfe grew up to be very different people. Cable grew up to understand what it takes to be a hero and to protect others, While Stryfe's upbringing taught him that weakness is punishable. Apocalypse did not allow Stryfe to feel anything other than anger and cruelty.

After being in his body for quite some time, Apocalypse once again needs to change hosts and looked to Stryfe's body as his next body. A teenage Cable intervened and thwarted Apocalypse once again from achieving his goals. Stryfe went into hiding and Cable was promoted in the military. Unaware of who they were to each other, Cable and Stryfe became leaders of opposing factions. Stryfe's dictator group became known as the New Canaanites, and Cable became the leader of Clan Chosen.

The two would go head to head for decades to come. Fighting in the 38th century did not come to an end until Cable and Stryfe traveled back to the 20th Century to change history itself. Their decision to move back in time was the exact reason that Apocalypse had sought after Cable in the first place, thus, starting the story all over again.

Stryfe Attacking Bishop (Source: Marvel Comics)

Powers and Abilities

Cable and Stryfe have the same powers, but the levels in their abilities differ. Both have telekinesis and telepathic abilities, but Stryfe's power levels are vastly superior. Stryfe was never infected with the Techno-Organic virus which means that he doesn't have to use his powers to stop it from spreading 24/7. No virus means that Stryfe is free to use his abilities for everything from reading minds to spying on people using their own eyes. His telekinesis is limited only to what the comic book writer has in mind.

Cable's military experience and technical soldier skills are the only things that set him apart from his "brother." While Cable usually fights solo, his teams and military tactics are what help him overpower Stryfe. Cable, Deadpool, and the X-Force are all needed when Stryfe needs to be taken down.

Comics to Read

  • The Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix

  • X-Men: X-Cutioner's Song

  • X-Force: Messiah War

Those comics will give you a good base on who Cable and Stryfe are. The two have been fighting for longer than anyone else in Marvel comics, well, because they can travel through time. Let me know what you think of Stryfe. What do you think of Cable? Sound off in the comments section if you guys want to learn about someone else.



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