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What Aggretsuko Can Teach You About Moving Up At Work

The Sanrio hit Aggretsuko has been wildly successful for portraying your everyday working woman and the utter crap she has to deal with. Retsuko works in an office at the accounting department. She is often abused by her horrible boss but feels she has no choice but to continue working there. She has friends, dreams and problems just like anyone else; with the exception that she loves to scream out her frustrations in death metal songs.


That's what people love about this wonderful red panda. She can be ridiculous, but she's not too far out there in the life she portrays. But one thing that's stands out behind the main story is how Retsuko begins to get her life together. There's a few things you can learn about from Aggretsuko to help you move up no matter what profession you're in.

1. Role Models Can Be a Good Thing


The one thing that really stood out to me when watching this show was Gori and Washimi. The gorilla/bird duo are considered at the top of their game and even have the walk to prove it. Retsuko admires them so much that, at first, she barely feels comfortable talking to them. The truth is they both actually like her, especially Gori, and want to get to know her.

The real life application here is that it's always a good thing to have role models. Retsuko feels like she can never get to their level, but as the series goes on we see that she actively tries to improve her life much in the same way the duo does; yoga was their example, but there are other ways of achieving the same effect.

If you work in a business environment where you can admire to someone who might be further ahead, never be afraid to look to them for advice on how to advance. And even though Retsuko puts herself down a lot by feeling she can never get close to what they have, we as the viewers see her potential; just as your viewers do too. Don't be too hard on yourself and always recognize the ways you can improve.

2. Talk to Higher Ups


Sticking with Retsuko's relationship with Gori and Washimi, it's always a good idea to make relationships with the higher ups. You don't have to kiss butt like Tsunoda to get ahead, but having a decent work relationship is always really good for the office environment in general.

Tsunoda is actually a really good example of what not to do. The tiny dear is so sugary sweet, but she admits she knows the act is all to butter up her boss. This method may work for some employers, like Ton, but in the real world, you're more likely to get called out on it. And besides, Tsunoda only seems to ever get away with things, not really move up in the company.

Rather than staying completely away like Retsuko does at first or being too involved like Tsunoda, try having simple conversations with people. Retsuko thinks of people like Gori and Washimi like they're gods, but we see that they're just people too; they go to yoga, get stressed over relationships and put on a tough face for work like a lot of normal people do. Having good relationships can help farther down the road if you ever want to be kept in mind for a new position or are having an issue at work, much like what Retsuko faces in the show.

3. Never Be Afraid to Report a Problem


Retsuko points out a lot of obvious sexism in the work place; Ton constantly berates her for being a woman and throws a lot of work on her because of it. It stresses Retsuko out and makes her work environment hostile. However, when she goes to karaoke with Gori and Washimi, she admits to how bad the office situation is. Washimi decides enough is enough.

It can be really hard when an office problem occurs, especially when the problem is with your boss. Much like in the anime, a lot of the animals feel like they can't report the issue because it will only make things worse. However, in some ways this can solve problems you're facing in a real-life situation.

Retsuko makes the mistake of letting it slip that she was the one who reported Ton, but usually an anonymous report is the way to go if you're struggling with a bully at work. Washimi is a good friend but an even better higher up for noticing the importance of Ton's behavior. Sometimes, having a friend in that kind of position can help out in the long run. Even if you don't have someone like Washimi in your life, always reporting hostile behavior can help the workplace change and grow as a business.

4. Go to Work Events


Retsuko talks about how she never wants to go drinking with the rest of the office after work. Gori and Washimi give really good advice when they encourage her to go. In this instance, it was to try and make a better relationship with her boss after reporting him, which did not go over well, but in a real life situation, it may just be your saving grace.

Offices have all sorts of moral-boosting events that are hosted frequently. Whether it's just going out for drinks or a socializing event, these kinds of activities are meant to help build stronger bonds between staff and encourage better work. Whether or not that's the reason you go, it can always benefit you.

Getting along with your coworkers is important, not only for you career but also for your state of mind. It's always good to have a few friends in your position so that you can look out for each other in the office. These are the events you go to in order to make those kinds of connections; whether that's with your boss or the person working in the cubicle next to you. Communication is one of your greatest tools in a business setting.

Retsuko's plans don't always work out the way she anticipated, and yet we never see her give up. Surely, she has a lot of life dreams that she wants to accomplish, but she recognizes that her job is also important. The show does a good job at showing how Retsuko can make the best of her work experience, even when things go sour. These are just a few tips from the anime you can use in your everyday life to help better your work environment and maybe even move up a bit on the food chain.



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