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Virtual Talent Management Agency PRISM Project Announces 2022 Auditions

The virtual talent management company PRISM Project, a member of the Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc. family of virtual talent brands, announced on August 7 that it had opened auditions for applicants of all genders living in twenty different countries and regions worldwide as its latest step in developing and producing virtual talents on a global scale.

The PRISM Project started taking applications for their General Audition 2022 on August 7, 2022, at 2:00 PM PDT, for both female- and male-presenting characters. The PRISM Project, supported by Sony Music's unmatched expertise in talent management, voice acting, music production, event production, and digital technology, will push the limits of the virtual talent space by offering opportunities for growth and development that are currently unmatched in the sector. Discovering talents, nurturing them, and assisting them in the development of their distinctive creative spark that enables them to amaze and delight millions of fans worldwide is Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc.'s business objective.

The PRISM Project admits that VTubers are both a character and a talent and that they are also talented human beings with the slogan "VTubers Are Human, Too." They want to spread the idea that VTubers are also people, who need the chance to learn and grow and recognize the importance of striking a balance between work and leisure time in order to maintain their physical and emotional well-being. Like a family, PRISM Project seeks to participate in the joys that a professional talent will encounter on their path and to support them as they navigate all the ups and downs that may arise as each talent pursues their own professional and personal objectives.

PRISM Project is looking for talents who are motivated, eager to seek out growth and development, and have a passion for bringing their message to the world. Applicants should have a strong drive to challenge themselves and a desire to excel at their chosen content creation goals. Applicants may review the audition guidelines, access the application form, and review other important information on PRISM Project's General Auditions 2022 webpage.



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