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Top 5 Comics to Read for Halloween

We have given you some games to play for the Halloween season, so now it's time to provide you with some comic books. Comic books aren’t always bright and fun like a Scooby Doo mystery, they can be dark, gritty, and dripping with bloody gore. I have gathered some of the darkest comics, and some that are not so dark, in this top 5 listing. So grab your pumpkin spice latte and let’s take a look at some of my favorites.

Batman: The Long Halloween (Source: Comixology)

Batman: The Long Halloween

Written by Jeph Loeb and art by Tim Sale, is a detective styled Batman tale from 1997. The story takes place in Gotham City during the reign of the Falcone Family. The Untouchable, Carmine “ The Roman” Falcone, has been up to no good for too long and a new serial killer nicknamed, “Holiday,” is picking off members of the Falcone business. Batman, Jim Gordon, and Harvey Dent are trying to put an end to their organized crime network while they try to figure out the identity of the holiday killer. During their investigations, they run into multiple villains throughout the city including, Catwoman, Solomon Grundy, and the Joker who are also trying to find out who the murderer could be.

Batman: The Long Halloween takes place over several holidays, so it is an excellent read for all of the holiday season. Jeph Loeb’s writing really gets you in the dark night - or knight - mood during his tellings of the grim murder mystery and Tim Sale’s art and use of black and white panels provide a noir tone to the entire arc.

Marvel Zombies (Source:

Marvel Zombies The Complete Collection

What-If comic books are filled with ridiculous ideas and jaw-dropping moments. Marvel Zombies is that in a nutshell. What if there was a Marvel Universe that became infected with a zombie virus? That is what happens in Robert Kirkman’s Marvel Zombies limited series, and artist Sean Phillips brings the undead to life in every panel.

In this Universe, discovered by Earth-1610 Reed Richards, Marvel’s heroes and villains become zombies and devour everything. They just eat and eat until they realize they have eaten everyone on the planet, but their hunger persists. So what do you think they do next? Go to space obviously!

DC House of Horror (Source: DC Entertainment)

DC House of Horror

Campfire stories of your favorite heroes and villains from DC Comics come together in this Halloween treat. DC House of Horror features stories with Green Arrow, Superman, and Wonder Woman with a twist. What would happen if Superman was a demon? Can the Justice League hide from an infected zombie Flash? Or my personal favorite story from this book, Last Laugh, a Batman story. Light a fire and share these short stories with your friends.

Monsters Unleashed (Source:

Monsters Unleashed (2017)

Gigantic monsters, destroyed cities, citizens in panic, and Marvel heroes springing to action. That is the basic gist of what Monsters Unleashed is all about. This Kaiju event spans 5 issues and summons all the super teams in the Marvel mythos. The monsters seem to work together, and yet the attacks are worldwide. There must be something, or someone, behind these attacks. New characters were introduced in this series and the art by Steve McNiven is bright and busy, filling every panel with these gigantic monsters.

Spider-Man The Short Halloween (Source:

Spider-Man The Short Halloween

Spider-Man doesn’t care too much for Halloween, so instead of going trick or treating, he fights crime. Unfortunately, there are other people in the same costume. While Spider-Man is chasing a D-List villain named Fumes, he gets picked by two guys looking for their drunk roommate. Fumes and his villain team are now holding who they believe to be Spider-Man and are planning on taking him out for good. This story is a spoof on Batman: The Long Halloween, but it is lighthearted and sweet much like that bucket full of candy at the end of

the night.

All of these books are great for every type of Halloween fan. These comics can offer you some of the most exciting stories that you can share with your friends. They leave some parts up to imagination which is vital to any scary story. Some are even short enough to read around a campfire.

Do you have any other suggestions for the list? Have fun reading and let us know what you think about the books in the comments section below.



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