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Tokyo Ghoul S To Premiere At Anime Expo

Anime Expo - which is taking place from July 4th to July 7th at the Los Angeles Convention Center - is one of the biggest anime conventions in the world. It's no surprise that there are a lot of exciting things going on this year. One that will stand out to fans of the wildly popular series Tokyo Ghoul is the US premiere of Tokyo Ghoul S, a live action movie based on Sui Ishida's manga. Anime Expo attendees will get to see the movie before it's released in Japanese theaters on July 19th.

This will be the second live action film to come out of the franchise. It will feature Masataka Kubota is returning as Ken Kaneki, and Maika Yamamoto as Touka. Fans of the first movie may notice that Touka's actress has been replaced - that's because Fumika Shimizu quit acting in 2017 in order to join the Happy Science religious movement. Shota Matsuda will be joining the cast as Shuu Tsukiyama,

If you're unfamiliar with Tokyo Ghoul, here's a quick rundown. Ken Kaneki is living a seemingly ordinary life as a bookish college student, until a date with a beautiful woman named Rize turns his life upside down. Rize turns out to be a ghoul - a humanlike being that can't survive without eating human flesh. When the two of them get into an accident, Kaneki's life is saved - but his damaged organs are replaced by Rize's, turning him into a half-ghoul.

Suddenly craving human flesh, his old life is no more - but he finds a new life with Anteiku, an organization that helps ghouls avoid killing humans and lead a peaceful life. That peace is threatened both by humans who want to eliminate ghouls, and other ghouls who have a very different idea of how best to live.



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