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The Transformers are about to meet the Ghostbusters

The 1980s seem like a very long time ago for some of us, while others can remember them like it was yesterday. Then there are other people, like me, who were watching cartoons from the 1980s just a few minutes ago.

The 1980s brought us some cool cartoons like GI Joe and He-Man, but one of the biggest things from the decade were the Transformers. I'm sure you have heard of the massive robots that morphed into planes, cars, trucks, and tractors. The series is still going strong in today’s comic books, and have even teamed up with many different heroes. This time Optimus and the Autobots will be teaming up with none other than the Ghostbusters.

Transformers Marvel UK (Source: Comicvine)

Back in 2005, the Transformers were in the wrong place. Dreamwave publications who had the Transformers license filed for bankruptcy. As all the companies assets were being sold off, IDW Publishing picked up the franchise from them and rebooted the series with Transformers #0. IDW has kept Transformers on a bi-weekly release schedule since 2006.

The Real Ghostbusters (Source: Comicvine)

In 1985 the Ghostbusters began ghostbusting in the movies, but their comic book debut was not until 1988 with The Real Ghostbusters. The comic was based on the animated television show, and the series was published by NOW comics and Marvel UK. The rights to the Ghostbuster comics were obtained by IDW in 2008.

With both properties under one roof, it seems natural that the team over at IDW is going to mash them together. IDW announced that they will join the franchises in a five issue mini-series written by Erik Burnham, Dan Schoening, and Luis Antonio Delgado.

Are you excited to see more Transformers team-up comics? What do you think about the Ghostbusters and Transformers mash-up? Let us know in the comment section.



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