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The Top Best 5 Anime Dogs

Who cares about human characters - it's time to shine the spotlight on some awesome anime doggos! This is my personal Top 5 - but every anime dog is a good boy or girl, and deserves to be celebrated.

1. Nira - Run With The Wind

Nira is one of the newest additions to the world of anime dogs, and he's also one of the greatest. Nira lives in Aotake house with ten male college students and one elderly man. He often joins his housemates for their daily running practice. He's also the eye catch in the middle of Run With The Wind, which means that he's a welcome diversion when things get too intense.

2. Makkachin - Yuri!!! on ICE

Look at that face! Don't you just want to reach into your screen and smush his cheeks! Makkachin is supremely cute, but there's more to him than just fluff - he's basically Victor's emotional support animal during the time before he meets Yuuri. Anime doesn't usually place such importance on the bond between owner and animal, which makes Victor's genuine love for Makkachin is truly worthy of note.

3. Akamaru - Naruto

Akamaru isn't the only awesome dog in the world of Naruto - Pakkun definitely deserves an honorary mention. But Akamaru several qualities that make him stand out from the pack. He may not be able to speak like other Naruto dogs, but he still displays his intelligence by doing math. Also, his bond with Kiba is absolutely precious.

4. Ruth - The Ancient Magus' Bride

Though Ruth may appear menacing, he's actually one of the sweetest boys in the anime dog world. Not just a simple pet, Ruth is actually Chise's familiar, which means that he'll do anything to protect her - even if it means disobeying her. Because he's a familiar, he can also assume a human form - which just so happens to look like Teshima from Yowamushi Pedal. Best crossover ever? I think so.

5. Ein - Cowboy Bebop

Last but not least is Ein of Cowboy Bebop. After enduring laboratory experiments that made him far smarter than your average corgi, Ein earned the nickname "data dog." He can play chess, detect poison, and do all kinds of awesome things that no one expects a dog to be able to do. His intelligence doesn't stop him from being a loving pet, though!

Who are your favorite anime dogs?



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