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The Top Best 5 Anime Cats

Meow! It's time to celebrate the best characters in anime - the cats! This is my personal Top 5 - your mileage may vary - but it's hard to deny that these cats are worth petting.

1. Haru - My Roommate Is A Cat

Haru is the newest addition to the world of anime cats, and she's also one of the best. Originally a stray who took charge of caring for her younger siblings, Haru finds herself living with a socially anxious mystery writer named Subaru who can barely bring himself to leave the house. Haru takes it upon herself to take care of Subaru in the way that only a cat can - by feeding him her cat food when he forgets to eat, purring on his chest when he's sick, and hissing at anything she thinks might be threatening him.

But as she's taking care of Subaru, she's also putting down her own defenses - life as a stray hasn't been easy, and it's hard for her to trust Subaru and the other humans who cluster around him. Haru is one of the most intricately developed feline characters in anime history, and that's why she's the best.

2. Nyanko Big - Tada Never Falls In Love

Coming in at number two is Nyanko Big, Mitsuyoshi Tada's intensely adorable pet. His thoughts, when they appear, provide hilarious contrast with his gentle appearance. His thoughts are rendered in a deep, almost noir-like voice that packs in the drama - even when all he's doing is trying to leap from porch to porch in search of better food than kibble.

3. Potya - Yuri!!! on ICE

Out of all of the cats on this list, Potya has the smallest role. In fact, he only appears briefly, in the scene pictured above. Why does he deserve to be named one of the best cats in anime when all he does is be precious and soft for a moment? Two reasons. Watching Yurio bond with an animal deepens Yurio's character, making him seem more than just a screaming immature brat. Second, his full name is Puma Tiger Scorpion, aka the best name an anime pet has ever had in the history of the medium.

4. The Kawamoto Cats - March Comes In Like A Lion

March Comes In Like A Lion has a lot to offer its viewers, but one of the greatest things about it is the cats that belong to the Kawamoto sisters. Not only are they the cutest thing about the series excluding the youngest Kawamoto sister Momo, they're also some of the most realistically behaved cats in anime. They are primarily motivated by yummy food, cuddling with their humans, and burrowing under the kotatsu. You can't help but feel comforted by them, even when everything else in the show is making you cry.

5. Jiji - Kiki's Delivery Service

Let's go old school for a moment and pay homage to Jiji, one of the protagonists of Kiki's Delivery Service. Jiji is Kiki's familiar, and his job is to help her on her journey to become a witch - but he also has to spend most of his time pretending to be a stuffed animal. He's not afraid to tell Kiki when he thinks she's making a bad job, and he also has a life of his own - including a girlfriend and kittens too. Let's give it up for this responsible cat dad! Which anime cat is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!



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