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The Top 5 Best Anime Dads

Happy Fathers' Day!! In honor of all things dadly, lets celebrate some of the greatest fatherly figures that the world of anime has to offer.

1. Maes Hughes - Fullmetal Alchemist

One of the reasons that Maes Hughes' death was so devastating was the fact that he'll never be able to finish raising his daughter Elicia. The man is madly in love with his little girl, and will happily broadcast her awesomeness to anyone who will listen. But he isn't just constantly bragging on her - he also showers her with affection and warmth. It's almost certain that he would have continued providing her with paternal love had he survived.

2. Shikaku Nara - Naruto

Shikaku Nara isn't just a great ninja - he's also a great dad. His son Shikamaru begins the series as a lazy, whiny twelve-year-old who doesn't use his intelligence to its full potential, and makes sexist remarks about the women in his life. Shikaku isn't content to let his son be a good-for-nothing - he corrects his sexism, and lectures him when he doesn't try hard enough. But there's more to their relationship than just behavior modification. Shikaku also provides his son with serious emotional support. When Shikamaru's teacher Asuma dies, it's his father who gives him space to process his emotions and cry it out. Besides that, the two of them just have a great time together, playing chess and joking around.

3. Akio Furukawa - CLANNAD

Akio Furukawa is an amazing father, full stop. He not only adores his daughter Nagisa, he does a damn good job taking care of her. He takes care of her basic needs, sure, but he also ensures her emotional well-being. Akio explicitly tells her that the fact that he had to give up on a dream career to take care of her health problems was not something she should feel guilty about - that caring for her so that she can achieve her dreams is his dream. That's some hardcore amazing parenting.

4. Seimei Handa - Barakamon

Being the father of a twenty-something isn't always easy - especially when your twenty-something is Seishuu Handa, a professional calligrapher who is anxious and high-strung that he punches a calligraphy appraiser in the face for talking smack about his work. Seimei could leave his son to figure things out for himself, but he decides that his job as a father isn't finished just because his son is grown. He sends him to live on a remote island where he can cool his head and learn to live life at a slower pace. While his wife objects and his son is less than thrilled, it ends up being the best thing that could have possibly happened to him.

5. Kōhei Inuzuka - Sweetness & Lightning

Being a single dad isn't easy, especially when you're still grieving the loss of your wife. Kohei Inuzuka pulls himself together to take care of his young daughter Tsumugi, but at first all he's able to feed her is convenience store meals. But Kohei knows that his daughter needs home cooked meals, so with the help of one of his students, he starts learning how to cook all the dishes that his late wife used to make - and then some.

Who's your favorite anime dad? Let us know in the comments.



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