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The Top 5 Anime Fuckboys & Fuckgirls

Updated: Dec 29, 2017

If you exist on the Internet, you've probably heard the word "fuckboy" used ten million times in ten million different ways. Definitions range from "a raging asshole who fucks everything up" to "an obnoxious, pretentious douchebag who sleeps around and manipulates women." Fuccboi, which sounds similar but is distinct, is actually a type of street fashion.

Anime characters don't tend to wear American street fashion - Japan's got its own thing going on there. So, lets focus on the first two definitions, and ask the question - whomst are the biggest fuckboys - and fuckgirls - in anime history?

1. Kyouya Sata - Wolf Girl & Black Prince

Kyouya Sata is a verbally abusive douchenozzle who acts like Christian Grey but doesn't have the money to back it up. All he has is a dominant personality, and abandonment issues that he takes out on others without analyzing them at all. Kyouya agrees to pretend to be Erika Shinohara's boyfriend if she'll be his literal bitch in return - meaning, he gets to insult her, order her around, and make her bark like a dog on command. It's sickening to watch, and his rare moments of kindness don't make up for it.

2. Minoru Mineta - My Hero Academia

Mineta is basically the only bad thing about My Hero Academia. A perfectly good scene about heroism or classroom antics can be totally derailed by Mineta popping in to talk about his female classmates' breasts. He's a perverted creepazoid who lives to harrass others. On top of that, he's coward - the dude uses his classmates as human shields, and bail in the middle of fights. Spinelessness might work for a nuanced character like Shinji Ikari from Evangelion, but it doesn't work for a fuckboy like Mineta.

3. Akane Minegawa - Scum's Wish

Akane Minegawa is the ultimate anime fuckgirl. Why? She's a grown-ass woman - a teacher - who makes a game out of sexually humiliating others, including her own teenage students. She tries to compete with Hanabi, a high school student with a crush on her male teacher, by flirting with said teacher in front of her. She also actually has sex with Mugi, another high schooler who she's tutored since he was a child. To Akane, actual, honest-to-god statutory rape is just part of her overall motive - to burn through men until she can find one that can make her experience emotions other than contempt.

4. Makoto Itou - School Days

Makoto Itou starts off as your average, boring-as-hell harem protagonist - but he changes real quick. When this dopey piece of shit realized that girls were actually digging him, he lost all self-control and started sleeping around like a rabbit on ecstasy. There's nothing wrong with polyamory and casual sex if you're honest and respectful, but this selfish little bitch is anything but. Makoto promises monogamy to every girl he hooks up with, and then has the nerve to make out with his new girl in front of his pregnant ex. Oh, and he demands that she get an abortion. The dude is a next-level fuckboy.

5. Misaki Nakahara - Welcome to the NHK

Misaki Nakahara seems sweet at first. She goes out of her way to help her hikkikomori neighbor, Tatsuhiro Satou, figure out a way to leave the house and rejoin society. She's so generous and helpful that she's practically an angel - except, of course, she isn't.

Here's why she's a huge fuckgirl. Misaki is manipulating a mentally ill man into relying on her, so that she can feel superior to him. She literally tells him to his face that he was the only person she could find who was more pathetic than she was. Thanks to her selfish and conniving ways, Satou ends up in a codependent reverse suicide pact where he's now responsible for keeping Misaki alive, instead of getting the actual psychological help he desperately needs.

Which anime fuckboys and fuckgirls did we miss? Let us know in the in the comments.



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