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The Top 5 Anime EDs of Winter 2019

We've already talked about the best anime OPs of Winter 2019, now it's time for the best EDs, or ending themes. This is my personal Top 5. 1. Memosepia by Sanjou no Hana - Mob Psycho 100 2

This season, the best everything is Mob Psycho 100. When you're looking at this kind of quality, it's hard to find anything else that compares. The video for this ED drastically differs from the rest of the series and from the OP. Rather than intense, psychadelic imagery, it opts for a more restrained approach - the characters are small, construction paper versions of themselves, and they're focused mostly on Mob spending time with people who love him. It's a joyful little break away from the pain, suffering, and confusion that he experiences for most of Season 2.

2. Forget-Me-Not by ReoNa - Sword Art Online: Alicization

Say what you want about Sword Art Online, it has some awesome music - and that includes the second ED from the third season, Alicization. This video is particularly noteworthy for doing a great job showing off the fight choreography that one can expect to see in the show itself. If you're a battle connoisseur who isn't sure whether to give the new season a chance, just check out the ED to help make your decision. 3. Michi by Taichi Mukai - Run With The Wind

Sports anime theme songs tend to be upbeat. This makes sense - usually the events of these shows are high energy physical contests. But sometimes, the relentlessly buoyant nature of these songs can get a little repetitive, and it's nice to have a break. It's especially nice when the series in question touches on serious subjects like abuse and injury, as Run With The Wind does. For these reasons, Taichi Mukai's Michi is a great way to cap off an episode.

4. Zettai Zetsumei by Co Shu Nie - The Promised Neverland

While The Promised Neverland's OP is hopeful and expansive, the ED is harsh and striking. Combining piano with an increasingly frantic voice, the song itself expresses the urgency of the series. The imagery, which involves quick shots of the kids in rapid succession combined with red flowers and owl insignia, helps to underscore the song's tone.

5. Tsuyogari LOSER by ЯeaL - Boruto

Just like Naruto before it, Boruto has some pretty cool EDs. The current ED, Tsuyogari LOSER, is a great example of this. The song itself is boppy and cheerful, but the imagery is what really sells this ED. It starts off with a clean black-and-white sequence that adds a layer of seriousness, then bursts in with colorful images of the cast - who alternate between stoically running toward their goal and playing around. This ED does a great job of capturing the series' multiple moods.

Which do you think is the best ED? Did we miss something? Let us know in the comments.



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