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The Promised Neverland Will Get A Second Season In 2020

The Promised Neverland is one of the hottest shows of the Spring 2019 anime season, and for good reason. It follows a group of children living an apparently idyllic life in an orphanage called Grace Field House. While they don't have parents, they do have a caretaker who treats them like her children. One day, Emma, Norman, and Ray learn that their once happy existence was all a lie - actually, they're being raised as meat for a race of demons. Their attempts to escape provide anime fans some of the most dramatic, tension-filled moments to appear in years.

The first season featured a scant twelve episodes - not much for a series where each 20-minute episode felt like it was over in the blink of an eye. Thankfully,

If you're still not caught up, stop reading now, because spoilers for episode twelve are coming up.

The final episode saw the children escaping from the burning Grace Field via a homemade zipline. It featured what was arguably one of the most unsettling pieces of news to drop so far - the fact that Mama is Ray's real, biological mother. We learned that Norman survived, but not how, that Phil is far more capable than anyone ever thought he would be, and that Mama actually does care about the kids in some warped way.

What will the 2020 sequel cover? Since the series is based on a manga, it's likely to stick closely to the script. I'm not personally caught up and don't plan to spoil myself, but I'm assuming we'll learn more about the world outside of Grace Field, and that survival is going to be harder than any of the kids - or the viewers, can imagine. Check out the PV for a little more insight! Are you looking forward to the new season? Shout about it in the comments!



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