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The Death Note Manga Is Getting A New One-Shot

Back in the 2000s, Death Note was one of the most popular manga in the world. While its heydey has passed, the story of a bored teenager who finds a magical notebook that kills anyone whose name is written inside of it is still captivating audiences to this day Though the story seemed to be over, it seems that the classic manga about to be revived with an all-new one shot.

The June issue of Shueisha's Jump SQ recently revealed that Takeshi Obata - one of the original creators of the 12-volume manga - will be penning a new one-shot for the series. Part of the one shot will be on display at the "Kagyō 30-Shūnen Kinen Obata Takeshi-ten Never Complete" (30th Work Anniversary Takeshi Obata Exhibition: Never Complete) event, which will take place in Tokyo from July 13 to August 12. Additionally, Obata will be unveiling an original work. So far, there is little information about what the new one-shot will cover, but there is a hint - it will focus on what happens when Shinigami come to earth. This isn't the only post-canon chapter of the manga. Chapter 109, which was published two years after the original as part of the promotion for the L Change The World movie, focused on Near's dealings with a Kira copycat, and his attempts to model his approach after L's.

Will American Death Note fans be able to read the new one-shot? Only time will tell - but the prospect is certainly an exciting one.



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