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The Best Chibi Anime Series You Should Watch

Chibis are the one thing about anime that everyone loves. They're small, pudgy and overall the epitome of joy; if you don't like them, you just might have a dark hole for a heart. We see chibis occasionally in anime, but the majority of their existence is in art or split second scenes that add humor.

Despite there being plenty of small moments out there, some series are dedicated to the existence of chibis. If you need more adorable joys in your life, here are some of the best series that feature chibi characters frequently.

Baka and Test


This series followed the tale of young Yoshii who just so happens to not be that great at school. In a world where academics can be experienced much like a video game, classes can battle to earn prizes for their class and receive a better education. Yoshii and his classmates, who are in the worst class possible, decide it's time to change their fate!

Because this series is similar to a video game, the avatars that pop up during battle are all miniature versions of their characters; a.k.a. chibis! These adorable little warriors charge into battle depending on how well their student is doing in a subject. Honestly, if schools were like this we would all get better grades.

Himouto! Umaru-chan


Umaru is the envy of everyone; she's incredibly smart, excels in everything she attempts at and she's incredibly gorgeous. Everyone adores her, with the exception of her older brother who sees her for what she really is; a lazy nerd who loves nothing more than eating junk food, watching anime and playing video games. This should sound familiar if you're anything like us!

When Umaru gets home, her beautiful, typical anime girl design changes into a small chibi form that takes her house, and brother, by storm. She may be loud and obnoxious, but it's really hard to get mad at her when she looks so darn cute! She's probably one of the most popular chibi characters on this list, and we can see why.

Lucky Star


Oh yes, this had to make the list. Lucky Star is a classic anime that is known for it's otaku humor, loaded with tons of inside jokes that only seasoned anime watchers would know. The story revolves around Konata Izumi, a lazy high school girl who loves anime and video games. We also get to follow the stories from her friends and watch as they go through their three years of high school.

The entire anime is drawn in chibi form, so rejoice! If you need to see chibi style all the time, then this is definitely the anime for you. Even if you're not, you'll still want to watch this, not only because it's a classic, but because it's too funny to pass up!



If you've ever wanted to watch the history of the world in a way that didn't put you to sleep, this show is here to help. Hetalia has several different series, but each of them is dedicated to retelling history in a fun and interesting way. The biggest twist is that the countries are turned into humans for an easy storytelling method.

Often times, they sew together real traditions from a country with popular stereotypes to create the characters. They also just so happen to create small chibi forms of these countries as well. History isn't always an easy subject to keep up with because it's so complex. Hetalia makes this massive journey much smaller, literally, by telling it in a way people can have an easier time remembering.

What are some of your favorite chibi characters? Let us know in the comments section!



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