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Taiwan Pizza Hut’s new Oreo pizza

According to Soranews24 they had their own reporter order released on May 10 costing them $13 American dollars. Popcorn chicken, also known as "Taiwanese fried chicken" in Taiwan, is a popular street snack. Street sellers often cook the chicken in oil with your choice of veggies, season them, and serve them immediately so you may eat them hot with their traditional partner, a cool beer.

Pizza Hut and Dominoes have recently introduced a variety of unique pizza tastes inspired by Taiwanese dishes and beverages, including cilantro century egg pig's blood cake pizza, pearl milk tea, durian, strawberry stinky tofu, zongzi, and fiery hot pot. An ad for a new pizza with popcorn chicken and Oreo cookies was released on Thursday and quickly circulated on social media sites. Based on the advertisement, the "Popcorn Chicken Pizza" is topped with tempura, fried squid rings, and "flaming popcorn chicken." In addition, 10 Oreo cookies are placed on the edges of the crust, which have been molded into sharp corners to give the pie a starburst shape.



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