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SpyxFamily has Tamagotchi coming soon!

Anya needs someone to look after her, and who could refuse?

The fact that the original Tamagotchi became such a sensation is quite remarkable. Despite having never seen their virtual pets before they appeared on the pixel screen, people soon established attachments with them, despite the fact that the concept was practically unproven at the time.

The Spy x Family anime/manga follows a trio of characters who pose as a family while concealing portions of their actual identity from one another. While Loid, a hidden spy, and, a secret assassin, each have interesting character arcs. Anya, a precocious six-year-old clairvoyant, steals the show almost every time she appears, and she is the sole star of the Tamagotchi partnership.

While Anya's babysitter, you'll keep an eye on her as she begins her studies at Eden Academy. Play dodgeball and word-match mini-games with her as part of your parental responsibilities to ensure she has a healthy body and mind. You're also in charge of her nutritional needs, and if she gets hungry in between meals, you may feed her peanuts, which are her favorite snack.



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