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Spring 2018 Reviews

Spring came with a wonderful abundance of anime series; some great and others... Not quite. Here's how we felt about them!

Magical Girl Ore

This anime was simply ridiculous. Filled with muscle infused squirrel-like demons, Yakuza sidekicks and buff dudes in magical girl costumes, you had an idea of what was coming. If you were looking for something hilarious and out there to watch, this was definitely it. Personally, it was one of the bright spots in my week; I couldn't do anything but laugh when I was watching this. The ending was a twist, but not something I could be mad at. I felt like through it all, Saki stayed true to herself and all of the characters grew a little.

Final Score: 5/5

Comic Girls

I was attracted to the fun, bright colors and adorable anime girls when I first saw this in the new release section, but what I got was an adorable, inspirational story that really warmed my heart. I loved seeing how each girl strived to achieve their own individual dreams while helping each other meet their goals. There was no kind of competitive nature that made it feel toxic or pressuring. And while Moeta was always so hard on herself, you knew that she had some optimism still in her heart as she pushed forward to make her dreams come true. Honestly, for a small slice of life anime about female manga creators, this was really good.

Final Score: 5/5

My Sweet Tyrant

A short anime, I had really hoped that some positive outlooks would shine through this show. Originally, I'd been worried about how Akkun treated Nontan because sometimes there's a large divide between being a tsundere and being abusive. Frankly, this series dipped over this line quite a few times. While I personally don't appreciate the language he uses towards his girlfriend, and her romanticizing some of his clearly toxic/creepy behavior, I can also appreciate that it might not have been meant for me.

Final Score: Even if it is your thing, 2/5

Dances with the Dragons

This was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do; watch this anime series. If you're looking for a show that has no redeeming qualities, pick this. At first, I figured it would be one of those underrated fantasy anime series that collect a loyal following and might not be that bad; how wrong I was. The main characters are awful people, there's random sex scenes for no reason other than fan service and the plot/obstacles makes no sense. The kicker? We don't even see that many dragons.

Final Score: A generous 1/5

Love to-LIE-Angle

The second small anime that I reviewed this season, I found that it was lacking a lot of plot and mostly made for fan service. With that in mind, I tried to take a more objective approach to it; knowing there would be very little insight or gain. Each girl seemed to be a generic version of literally every waifu you could ever ask for. This meant that nothing really new or interesting ever happened, even by fan service standards. Overall, I'd say it was unimpressive, even for the kind of anime it was.

Final Score: 2/5

What were your favorite anime from this season?

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