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Spider-Man's Greatest Threat Returns in Spider-Geddon

The sequel to Spider-Verse, Spider-Geddon is on its way, and every Spider-Man and Spider-Woman ever will have to answer the call to arms. Marvel's Spider-Geddon officially kicks off in September this year with the Spider-Man from PlayStation's new video game. Back in 2014's Spider-Verse, the Spider-Army faced their most significant threat, The Inheritors. This family of interdimensional hunters from Earth-001, also known as Loomworld, will return to finish their mission of eliminating all of the Spider-Totems.

The Inheritors (Source: Marvel Comics)

In Marvel's comics, some beings form a connection to the Animal Kingdom called Totems. Totems can be someone or something, and some Totems are even worshiped as gods, such as the Panther God of the Wakandans. Each Spider-Man acts as their Universe's Spider-Totem, and while some universes don't have a Spider-Man, they have another to act as the Spider-Totem.

Spoilers for Spider-Verse to Follow.

Spider-Verse ended with the Spider-Army defeating the Inheritor family and placing them on Earth-3145. This post-nuclear war Earth has boundless radiation. The Inheritors are unable to handle the severe pollution, so they confine themselves in a bunker in Sims Tower. Oddly enough, the bunker's original purpose was to protect Spider-Totems from being hunted in the first place.

The Inheritor Family:

Solus (Source: Marvel Comics)


Father and Leader of the Inheritor family. Solus is without a doubt the strongest of the Inheritors. The longest living immortal of the family, and the Inheritor that incapacitated Master Weaver after the death of his wife. It was Solus' idea to enslave Master Weaver and to use his abilities to travel through dimensions and feed on multiversal Totems.

Daemos (Source: Marvel Comics)


The oldest son of Solus, Daemos, is the most ruthless of the family. He often feeds on any Totem he can find although his father commands that they only feed on Spider-Totems.

Verna (Source: Marvel Comics)


The oldest daughter, Verna doesn't like to get her hands dirty. She has trained "Hounds" to do the dirty work of catching her Totem dinner. Verna's Hounds are usually Spider-Man's greatest foes from different worlds like Kraven the Hunter and the Green Goblin. Verna brainwashes them to act like feral hunting dogs.

Jennix (Source: Marvel Comics)


The scientist Inheritor, Jennix spends most of his time on Earth-802 in his lab. Jennix creates clones of his family, so if they fall during battle, they can be reborn again. Jennix does not particularly enjoy fighting and feeding, but he will partake when it is necessary. He even went as far trying to craft clones of Spider-Man to feed on instead of hunting.

Morlun (Source: Marvel Comics)


Morlun has faced off with Earth-616 Spider-Man several times. The middle child of the Inheritor family has been trying to feed on Spider-Totems in Earth-616 since 2001 and has yet to be successful. His mistakes are what made the Spider-Army aware of the Inheritor's plans.

Brix and Bora (Source: Marvel Comics)

Brix and Bora:

The younger brother and sister twins are continually competing with one another. Brix and Bora want to have fun with their "food."

Karn (Source: Marvel Comics)


The Inheritor outcast, Karn, was banished from Earth-001. Long ago, Karn hesitated in killing Master Weaver. His mistake cost his mothers life, and the family will never forgive him for it. During his banishment, Karn realized that he didn't enjoy killing as much the rest of the family. When Karn killed totems, he only did it for sustenance and to impress his father, Solus. Later, Karn realized that he enjoyed creating rather than destroying and went on to become the new Master Weaver after Superior Spider-Man killed the old one.

Master Weaver and The Great Web of Life and Destiny (Source: Marvel Comics)

All of the Inheritor Family have the ability of lifeforce consumption. They take the lifeforce of all living creatures. The lifeforce of the totems give them a renewing quality and allow them to continue immortality. The Inheritor's immortality can only fight off disease and aging, so they can still be killed in combat. Unfortunately or the Spider-Army, defeating the family through combat will be difficult considering that they have enhanced strength, durability, and stamina.

It took an entire army - and many casualties - to lock up the Inheritor Family, but it seems like that was not enough considering they will return in Spider-Geddon. The lead up to the event has already begun with Edge of Spider-Geddon, but the full event begins with Spider-Geddon #0 on September 24, 2018.

Will you be reading Spider-Geddon? What new dangers will the Inheritors bring next? What new spider-based heroes are you looking forward to? Let us know in the comments section.



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