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Setsucon 2022

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

When people say "it's a local con" like we really mean it, it is literally a tiny local noncity school con. Little does not mean bad means a small con. If you have never been to a local con school, you should, for the bucket list. We believe everyone should always experience at least one.

You might ask why we should visit one when I have that feeling there is not much to do? Well, yes and no. Let me give you our reason why it is worth it and maybe not worth it to others.

Pro and Cons

-The Connection and Bound

You can get lost and pretty fast when you are at a big con. Things can get hectic, and you won't be able to talk to people one on one because they have to run for a photoshoot or panel.

-Things to finish

You almost can't finish all you wish to do and want in big cons. But with small cons, that will be all out of the way.

-Starter Pack

Want to experience a con but do not know which one? Start with a small one to learn the ropes, what to pack for next time, expect, and much more.


Big crowds and people can be scary at times, but small cons are different.


Hotels, parking, food, and badges are cheap vs. big ones that take your wallet.

One last thing we did enjoy about this con was the effort to make it feel like those good old anime club times in high school or college. There's nothing like having a maid cafe in school chairs and a mini manga library for trying. But that is what makes local college conventions, and it is about trying and still showing the passion that never left. We love you, Setsucon, and hope to pass by next year!



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