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Sailor Scout transformation brooch compact

Introducing the 2024 Limited Edition Miracle Romance Shining Moon Powder – your ticket to transforming into a Sailor Scout, just like Usagi Tsukino!

Dreamed of owning a transformation brooch akin to Usagi Tsukino's, allowing her to become Sailor Moon? Your dream is now a reality! Premium Bandai's iconic Sailor Moon cosmetics line, Miracle Romance, proudly presents the 2024 Limited Edition Miracle Romance Shining Moon Powder. It's available for pre-order exclusively through Premium Bandai.

This exquisite brooch may not wield actual magic, but it harbors a stunning finishing powder, complete with a powder puff and a mirror, all within a Sailor Moon-inspired design. The exterior pays homage to the Cosmic Heart Compact used by Sailor Moon in the Sailor Moon S series, originally airing in 1994. Its intricate design is adorned with star and moon motifs, forming a three-dimensional heart shape.

Join the magical world of Sailor Moon with this limited-edition beauty essential!

The heart-shaped compact's centerpiece boasts a cubic zirconium gem, exuding opulence with its rose gold plating that envelops the entire heart. Adding a dash of enchantment, a holographic embellishment surrounds the central gem, imparting an irresistible sparkle to the design. Underneath the gem, the year "2024" is elegantly embossed, underscoring the collectible nature of this exquisite compact.

Contained within is the renowned Shining Moon Powder by Miracle Romance, a fan-favorite clear finishing powder hailed for its universal appeal. Comprising spherical powder grains, it creates a "soft focus" effect, diffusing light to conceal pores seamlessly. As an added treat, its fragrance mimics the sweet scent of roses, enveloping you in the aura of a beautiful garden every time you unveil it.

This extraordinary limited edition brooch is available for pre-order exclusively through Premium Bandai, priced at 16,500 yen (approximately US$110). Act swiftly, as pre-orders remain open until October 5 at 11 p.m., with shipments scheduled for January.



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