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Rilakkuma is Getting a Stop Motion Animation for Netflix, So We Should All Freak Out

Every time I walk into a store that sells Japanese products, I get this horrible urge to buy as much Rilakkuma merchandise as I possibly can. Can you blame me? This little bear and all of his friends are just too cute to ignore.

Unsurprisingly, Rilakkuma has always been exceptionally popular as a plush, despite starting out as a picture book character in the series from his picture books, Rilakkuma Seikatsu. If you've only ever seen the Rilakkuma products and never really heard of the story, Netflix is getting ready to fill you in. With the rise of animation being created for the popular streaming service, especially shows for the anime community, stop motion animation seems to be the next big thing; we're just a little shocked at who the series will be about.

The series, as portrayed by the trailer, seems to be going along with Rilakkuma's original background story. Rilakkuma stumbles into a normal young woman's life, named Kaoru, who decides to let the bear be a part of her every day.

According to the information released to the public, it seems as though the popular teddy bear will also be accompanied by his pals such as Korilakkuma. If you're looking for something that's going to be lighthearted and extremely relaxed, as Rilakkuma's name suggests, this series is definitely going to be for you!

If you haven't seen the official trailer, now's your chance! Let us know what you think about the new release and whether or not you plan on watching it.



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