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Respawn Entertainment reveals new battle royale game, Apex Legends.

Remember Respawn Entertainment, the developer behind the first person shooter Titanfall? Today the company has announced a brand new game titled, Apex Legends.

Revealed through the Apex Legends Twitch page, Respawn began teasing different images of map locations, what seem to be in-game quotes, and dancing characters. After teasing pictures and short clips, Respawn finally gave us a look at the new battle royale game.

Similar to Overwatch, Apex Legends has eight signature characters with different specialties. There are weapon experts, tank class characters with explosives, and sneaky assassins in this group of Legends.

Apex Legends is squad based, so each Legend has their unique style of gameplay and weaponry, to compliment one another. Respawn expects players to find a legend that works well with your shooting preferences.

Arena Overview (Source:

The battle royale begins with a drop into the arena. Kings Colony will the be the arena that all battles will take place, but the map has several locations. Each squad will choose their initial jump site, and then players will search for loot. Be aware that specific drop-down locations will have better gear than others. More loot drops will come as the match continues, but you will have to fight your way towards them as all players can retrieve the loot drops. While game matches play out, the arena will slowly shrink, so that players will be forced to engage. Respawn’s battle royale will encourage tactical squad play, so playing with your friends and communication will help immensely.

Respawn, and EA has stated that there will be no Pay-to-Win model and that everything you can purchase will be cosmetic. Currently, Respawn wants to support this game for “years and years,” but have only claimed that they will release content in “seasons.”

One of the most exciting parts of today’s Apex Legends reveal is that the game is available right now for free. Apex Legends is playable on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Check it out now and let us know what you think of this new take on battle royale in the comments below.



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