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PlayStation Plus Games: February 2019

Free games are on their way for PlayStation Plus members! However, this month, Sony is offering a little more to gamers who have huge game libraries and save files for every title. Announced on the PlayStation Blog, every PS Plus user will get an increase in their Cloud Storage.

Sony will be increasing every user from 10GB to 100GB. The increase will allow all PS Plus members to keep all their game save files in the cloud, thus, backing up your favorite titles. All of your 1000+ hours of Kingdom Hearts playtime can be backed up on to Sony’s cloud.

This is excellent news for everyone with an extensive collection of game files because they no longer need to be stored directly on your PlayStation 4 console hard drive and can be downloaded again if you need them later. Now that we can save some more game files let’s talk about the free games for PS Plus for February.

For Honor (Source:

For Honor (Feb 5th - Mar 5th)

Ubisoft’s For Honor will be free for PS Plus Members starting on Feb 5th. The Hand-to-Hand action game gives you a choice between a Knight, a Viking, and a Samurai. There is no button mashing in this fighting game because all combat is thought-provoking, with weapon deflect timing and strong combos at the forefront of each battle.

For Honor offers players a story mode that can be played solo or with a friend in co-op. After completing the story mode, players can hop into PVP to take on their friends or find some new rivals. Ubisoft’s dedicated servers, customizable characters, and gear will keep you coming back for more blood and gore.

For Honor initially launched on the PlayStation 4 on Feb 14th, 2017.

Hitman (Source:

Hitman: The Complete First Season (Feb 5th - Mar 5th)

Agent 47 is back, and he has a new list of people to take out. Take control of the assassin and help him eliminate his long list of targets using anything and everything at your disposal. Each stage in this game can be completed in many different ways, so the replayability is enormous!

Hitman is about locating a target and finding the most efficient or ridiculous way to get rid of them. Using weapons like snipers or explosive golf balls to get the task completed is all part of the fun. Changing outfits to sneak into a base or standing out like a silly clown are among some of the options you can make in Hitman.

Hitman was initially released episodically starting in March 2016.

Gunhouse (Source:

Gunhouse (Feb 5th - Mar 8th)

A tower defense game and a colorful explosion on your screen, Gunhouse will be free on your PS Vita and the PlayStation 4 through crossplay. Solve puzzles to craft guns to defend your base and your orphan friends. Colorful weapons and crazy enemies will continue to flood the tv as you play and since there are infinite levels, the fun will never stop.

Gunhouse first launched in December 2017.

Rogue Aces (Source:

Rogue Aces (Feb 5th - Mar 8th)

Take flight in Curve Digital’s Rogue Aces to liberate islands from The Baron. Aerial dogfights and bomb drops can be utilized to destroy bases. Even after your plane is damaged, you can continue to fight with mid-flight plane stealing and even grenade drops. Never stop fighting for your home.

The Rogue Aces fight started in April 2018.

PlayStation Plus is offering up hours of free gaming this month. Each game has an arcade style of repetitive play making each title replayable. I like having games like that for casual in and out gaming with my friends or just going in alone. I am also looking forward to checking out For Honor’s story mode because the moment to moment gameplay is tense and challenging. What are you looking forward to playing? Do you want to see us talk more about any of these games? Let us know in the comments.



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