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PlayStation Plus Games: December 2018

The final month of the year is upon us, and Sony’s PlayStation Plus games have officially been announced. As seen on the PlayStation Blog post, we have three games for our PlayStation 4 in December, so how about we take a look at what they are giving PS Plus members.

Soma Logo (Source: PlayStation Blog)


If you are already missing the horrific themes of Halloween, Frictional Games offers you, Soma. This first-person walking sim takes place in the underwater facility PATHOS-II, where chaos has manifested itself. It is up to us to figure out what happens in the facility while solving puzzles and opening doors. In addition to handling these tasks, we are in the crossfire of dark creatures, robots, and an A.I. with no way to fight back. Check out the game’s trailer below.


Onrush Logo (Source: PlayStation Blog)


Codemasters brings us, Onrush, a racing game that is not just about going fast. Drive rally cars and motorcycles with your fellow drivers to take out your enemies by force.

The cars and bikes in this game are made to take a beating, takedowns are a part of the main event in Onrush. High flying jumps are taken at every turn while using these rocket equipped cars and the action is never ending due to the game’s respawning system. You can also perform flips and tricks with every vehicle because fast speeds and high adrenaline is what Onrush is all about. Check out the trailer below.


Iconoclasts Logo (Source: PlayStation Network)


An indie title built by one man, Joakim Sandberg spent seven years putting together Iconoclasts. The game stars Robin, a mechanical engineering enthusiast, who is living on a planet where such acts are illegal. Robin’s primary weapon is actually a wrench, which she uses to solve the puzzles in this 2D world. There are boss fights, but platforming puzzles are at an all-time high in this colorful and beautifully animated game. This title is also available for the PS Vita through Crossplay. Check out the game’s trailer below.


Papers, Please Title Screen (Source: PlayStation Network)

Papers, Please

This PS Vita only title has you playing an immigration officer. The communist state of Arstotzka has begun to allow travelers into their side of the town of Grestin, and you are the first line of defense. Among the travelers entering your city are smugglers, spies, and terrorists. You have to approve or deny their entry with just the documents you are given at your kiosk window. Check out the trailer below.

All of these games will be available to download for FREE on December 4th. If you don’t have the download space, remember to at least click on the Add to Library button so you can download them to play at a later date.

I love getting some free games, and I am really looking to playing Iconoclasts. I have always been a fan of 2D platformers so that game is right up my alley. What games are you looking forward to? Have you already played any of the titles I mentioned above? Share some of your thoughts and comments below.



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