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PlayStation is Celebrating the Players

Sony is thinking about its most influential people, the Gamers!

The PlayStation Player Celebration was recently announced by Sony on the PlayStation Blog. The event will see every PlayStation player receive prizes for doing what they do best, play games.

Signing up to the Celebration will net some lucky players the best prize of all, a real-life Platinum trophy engraved with your PSN ID!

(Source: PlayStation)

How do we get the prizes?

Beginning on February 24th, players that have signed up for the event will participate in a series of goals. The first goal will have the community playing 125,000 games for at least one hour. As long as it is a PS4 title, it should count towards the goal.

That first milestone has a second part that includes getting those trophies! 500,000 trophies must be collected by the community. Multiplayer game trophies will count as 2, but players can only acquire those trophies 6 times a day.

Complete this goal, and everyone will get two prizes. Delivered through your system notifications will be an exclusive PS4 static theme and an exclusive avatar.

Step Two

The next step for PlayStation gamers is to continue playing. Goal Two requires that players complete 375,000 games for at least an hour and 1.5 million trophies. This step will begin immediately after completing the first goal.

Once we finish playing all of these games and getting all of their trophies, the players will receive a system notification with five exclusive avatar images.

Step Three

Once we have completed goal two, it’s time to aim even higher, gamers. The third and final goal is to achieve 675,000 games for an hour. Pop 2.7 million trophies and get a PS4 system notification with an exclusive PS4 dynamic theme.

At this time, there is no end date stated for these goals, so as long as a lot of players sign up, we should have no problem accomplishing this together.

(Source: PlayStation)

Enough Goal Talk! What about the Real Platinum Trophy?

A real-life Platinum Trophy will be available to everyone that signs up, but there is a catch.

On March 17th at 11:00 AM PST, the players will have to answer a skill-based question on the PlayStation Campaign page.

Those smart players who have answered the question correctly will be entered for a chance at the Platinum Trophy engraved with their PSN ID, a USD 100 or CAD 130 PSN voucher, and codes for a selection of the best PlayStation games.

There have been no clues on what the question will be on or about, so do your research by playing as many PlayStation 4 titles as you possibly can. Not that we had to tell you to play video games.



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