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NYCC 2018: Marvel Announcements

We talked about the announcements from DC Entertainment yesterday. Today, we have more marvelous updates from NYCC 2018 only this time it comes from big red Marvel Comics!

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man (Source: IGN)

Spider-Man is Returning to the Neighborhood.

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man is an all-new series that will have Spider-Man dealing with the problems in the neighborhood. Written by Tom Taylor and art by Joann Cabal, Peter will be working close to home where issues like rent and property damage are the responsibility of Peter and his roommates.

Tom Taylor may seem familiar to some comic book fans as he has written the Injustice prequel comic for DC. He has also penned All-New Wolverine and Star Wars for Marvel. His collaborator on Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, Juann Cabal, has provided art for All-New Wolverine and Elektra.

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man launches in January 2019.

Black Widow Cover Art (Source: io9)

Black Widow Returns to Her Own Solo Series

Acting as a weapon for multiple government agencies, Black Widow is a highly skilled assassin. She often refers to her own actions as the “red on her ledger,” but this time, Black Widow will feel no remorse for her actions. Black Widow's new book will show Natasha “completely unleashed,” according to the writers Jen and Sylvia Soska. The Sisters aim to bring Black Widow back to what she is most famous (or infamous) for doing.

The Soska sisters are most notably a writer and director duo that has worked on horror films such as, See No Evil 2 and American Mary. The sisters have also worked with a team of writers on comic books such as the Avengers Halloween Special that will be on sale on October 31st.

Black Widow will star in her new solo series starting in January 2019.

Uncanny X-Men: Disassembled (Source: CBR)

Mutant Events, Incoming

The X-Men have been split into two different teams going by the Gold team and the Red Team. Both teams are being run by various leaders and containing different mutant members. The members of both sides are in for changes. The X-Men Disassembled story arc begins in November, but Marvel has already revealed plans for what comes after the 10-issue series. After X-Men Disassembled will be the Age of X-Man.

Age of X-Man Poster (Source: Bleedingcool)

Age of X-Man will mark the return of none other than Nate Grey. Nate Grey is the cloned son of Scott Summers and Jean Grey who took on the alias of X-Man. Zac Thompson will be writing the story arc and claims that Nate will be returning in a “big way.”

Age of X-Man will begin with Age of X-Man Alpha in January 2019.

X-Force is scheduled for a relaunch to explain to us readers more about the younger Cable. Young Cable has recently entered the X-Men story by murdering his older self after claiming that he has become soft while allowing some X-Men to travel down a timeline that would ultimately lead to their destruction.

The new X-Force will begin to explore Cable’s history and will reintroduce villains from previous X-Force stories. The series will be written by Ed Brisson and art will be provided by Dylan Burnett.

X-Force is scheduled for release in December 2018.

Captain Marvel Cover Art (Source: IGN)

A New Captain Marvel Series

Just in time for the Captain Marvel movie, Carol Danvers will receive her own self-titled series. Captain Marvel is bringing Carol back to the same old after The Life of Captain Marvel story. The series will be written by Kelly Thompson and art will be supplied by Carmen Carnero on pencils and Tamra Bonvillain with colors.

Captain Marvel will house stories about Carol but also friends like Jessica Drew A.K.A. Spider-Woman, and there will also be a new love interest. Thompson claims that the person will be someone Marvel readers already know.

Captain Marvel begins in January 2019.

Who Are The Guardians Promo Art (Source: Marvel Entertainment)

Guardian of the Galaxy Changes

Frank Castle has become the Spirit of Vengeance and has taken to ghost riding in the cosmos during the Cosmic Ghost Rider series, but he is not done yet. Marvel announced the Cosmic Ghost Rider will be joining the Guardians of the Galaxy. The team is slated to feature every cosmic hero known, but as of this writing, Cosmic Ghost Rider, Moondragon, Gladiator, and Beta Ray Bill. Writer Donny Cates and artist Geoff Shaw are working on the new Guardians book.

Guardians Cover Reveal (Source: Bleedingcool)

Guardians of the Galaxy will return in January 2019.

The comic book powerhouse has plenty of new comics and powerful characters returning to their colorful pages soon. I for one have some reading I will have to catch up on to follow the large X-Men events that are coming, but seeing the return of iconic characters always gets me excited. Here’s to hoping that these stories live up to the hype.

What stories are you interested in reading? What characters are you ready to see return? Let us know in the comments section.



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