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NYCC 2018: DC Announcements

If you aren’t following Senpai Project on Instagram, you should click follower now because we are having a whole lot of fun at New York Comic Con. Not only is there plenty of fun, but all the major comic book players are here. All of the comic book publishers are showing us what is next for our favorite characters. Here are DC Entertainments most significant announcements.

Batman Three Jokers Cover Art (Source:

Three Jokers

Back in 2015’s Darkseid War, Batman discovered that the DC Universe was home to three different Jokers. During the Geoff Johns Spotlight panel, they revealed images of the three different versions of the Joker. Each Joker reigns from a different era of DC’s comic books. The first Joker (Shown below) hails from the Golden age of DC’s books. The second Joker originated during the Silver age, and the third Joker on the right is the more modern Joker from the 1980’s.

Three Joker Designs (Source: Jason Fabok Twitter)

The Three Jokers will be published under DC’s new Black Label series. Geoff Johns is penning the series, and Jason Fabok will be providing the artwork. It’s been a long tease from DC as to what has been going on with the multiple Jokers. I am genuinely looking forward to reading what Geoff Johns has in store for us.

Swamp Thing Halloween Horror Special Cover Art (Source:

Swamp Thing’s Halloween One-Shot

Writer Brian Azzarello and artist Greg Capullo will be working together to bring us a 100-page One-Shot comic starring none other than Swamp Thing. The monster has been a favorite among fans for quite some time and has recently been featured in the Injustice storyline and Justice League Dark animated movie.

Swamp Thing Halloween Horror will feature a reprint of the character’s first appearance in House of Secrets #92 by Len Wein and Bernie Adams. A brand new story will be written about Swamp Thing, a witch in the woods, and a group of kids on Halloween night. Other characters will be included in the one-shot as well, so all of you Justice League Dark fans will receive a treat instead of a trick.

Swamp Thing Halloween Horror Special goes on sale October 12th, 2018.

Brian Michael Bendis Twitter Picture (Source: Brian Michael Bendis Twitter)

Brian Michael Bendis is Creating Wonders for DC.

The renown Brian Michael Bendis (Ultimate Spider-Man, Alias) has been working with DC for a few months now starting in June 2018 with Action Comics #1, and since then he has been hard at work. Bendis has helped DC create the new Wonder Comics imprint which will be a series of comic books dedicated to the younger teen demographic.

Young Justice (Source:

Wonder Comics will showcase some new comic book stories and some powerhouses like Young Justice. The new series will be in-continuity meaning that it will still be in line with the mainline DC comic books. Young Justice will not be based on the new animated show coming to DC Universe but instead will be its own story featuring characters from the original Teen Titans. In fact, it will be the first time that Tim Drake (Robin), Bart Allen (Impulse), and Conner Kent (Superboy) have seen each other since 2011, in DC New 52.

Naomi Cover Art (Source:

The newer comic books will have new characters like Naomi who is an all-new character from a small town in the Pacific Northwest. The adopted young girl plays witness to a battle between Superman and Mongol and takes an interest in her adoption history.

Dial H For Hero Cover Art (Source: Joe Quinones Twitter)

Dial H For Hero is a returning series from the Wonder Comics imprint about a telephone that gives people the abilities of superheroes when they press a button on the phone. Yes, they are using actual dial tones for this one. Also making an enormous return are the Wonder Twins by Mark Russel and Stephen Byrne. Zan and Jayna will be making a come back to comics for the first time since 1996 in a story called Total Justice.

Wonder Comics Logo (Source:

Wonder Comics will begin printing stories in January 2019 with Young Justice, and Naomi.

NYCC has become one of the best places to get new information on comics, and I’m happy to share all that information with you guys. Stay tuned to hear about Marvel’s announcements.

What comics are you excited to read? Let us know in the comments section.



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