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Nintendo is making a New Nintendo Switch called the Switch Lite

Nintendo has always been a company that entertains families. Most families of gamers can have many different consoles, and Nintendo is looking to cater to the younger players in the family with their new Nintendo Switch Lite.

(Source: Nintendo)

Dedicated Handheld

During Nintendo’s announcement of the Nintendo Switch Lite, they continuously used the phrase “Dedicated Handheld.” The Switch Lite is for the on-the-go gamer. Much like the 2DS, the Switch Lite is a unibody console. There are no Joy-Cons included with the Switch Lite, but it houses all the control buttons on the sides of the system just like using the original Switch in handheld mode.

(Source: Nintendo)

Since it is all in one console housing, the Switch Lite will come in three different colors. The colors will completely cover the system, including the screen bezel. The Switch Lite will also come in a limited edition Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield edition, so we can look forward to other games having select edition consoles in the future.

The new Switch Lite will have some differences from the flagship. One of those differences is that the Lite will not connect to televisions like the flagship Switch. Games like, Arms and 1,2, Switch will not be playable on the Switch Lite because of this. Games like 1,2, Switch also have HD Rumble requirements which the new Nintendo Switch Lite will not have. Nintendo also ditched the kickstand on the back of the console to keep the Switch Lite as one solid piece.

(Source: Nintendo)

The Gamer on a Budget

Since the new Nintendo Switch Lite will not have all of the features of the flagship Nintendo Switch, it will retail for a lower price. The Switch Lite system will sell for $200 which is $100 less than the flagship. Gamers that are looking to save some money to play games in handheld mode will be pleased to have this new option.

(Source: Nintendo)

Games like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild can all be enjoyed on the Nintendo Switch Lite. Some could even argue that these are the best games on the Nintendo Switch lineup.

All of the other Nintendo controllers that are compatible with the flagship Switch will still be compatible with the Switch Lite. So if you want to play Mario Kart Deluxe with Joy-Cons and the steering wheel you can always do that. You’ll just have to find a way to keep the system standing up or just lay it flat.

(Source: Nintendo)

What this means for Nintendo

Much like they have done in the past with the 2DS, Nintendo is looking to give cheaper options for gamers. Parents of younger children may not want to fork over $300 for a console with multiple parts that can break. This makes the Switch Lite more appealing to those parents.

(Source: Nintendo)

Those gaming families may want to keep an eye on the Switch Lite as a dedicated handheld for their younger kids but should also remember that the original Switch is a much better solution for multiple gamers. If I wanted my whole family to play Mario Kart without the use of various systems, then the Flagship Switch is the only way to go.

I hope that Nintendo can get more people playing the Switch with this Switch Lite option, but I know that it will not be for everyone.

(Source: Nintendo)

The Nintendo Switch Lite becomes available September, 20th 2019.

What do you think of Nintendo’s new console? Is this something you are excited for or will you be playing on the original Switch? Let us know in the comments.



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