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'New York Arc' will begin on July 25

The "New York Arc" will begin in the 15th edition of Shogakukan's Big Comic magazine, which will be released on July 25. This was revealed in the publication's 10th issue of the current year. The story director for the "New York Arc" is NUMBER 8, the editor of the Blue Giant manga and the story director for the Blue Giant Supreme manga.

On Wednesday, Blue Giant Explorer, the third installment in Ishizuka's Blue Giant jazz manga series, came to an end. The comic debuted in Big Comic in May 2020, and on February 10, Shogakukan released the manga's eighth collected book volume.

The Blue Giant manga, written and illustrated by Ishizuka (Gaku - Minna no Yama), debuted in Big Comic in May 2013 and ran until August 2016. The manga received nominations for the eighth and ninth Manga Taisho Awards, respectively, in 2015 and 2016. In 2017, the manga took home the top honor in the manga category of the 20th Japan Media Arts Festival Awards.

The 10-volume manga series is being released by Seven Seas Entertainment in five omnibus volumes, and the publisher explains the plot as follows:

Miyamoto Dai, a student with a taste for basketball, changes his life the first time he sees a live jazz performance. The incredible music strikes a chord deep inside him, and he immediately decides to dedicate himself to the saxophone. He has no skills, no formal training, and no idea what he's up against, but his obsession drives him to play that instrument day after day. Will passion be enough to become the player of his dreams? This award-winning manga from Shinichi Ishizuka, compiled into five omnibus volumes for its English debut, is a pitch-perfect drama about the power of music.

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