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New Pokémon-inspired nail polish colors

In the following month, fashionistas have devised a collection of nail polishes inspired by Pokemon, which will be released by Uka's in Japan. The cosmetics firm has produced six distinct nail paints in a variety of hues. They're all distinct in terms of Pokemon and color.

There are three colors for adults and three for children in this particular polish, but anyone of any age can wear any of them. Each bottle features a color-representable Pokemon silhouette. Meowth, Eevee, and Piplup are featured in the adult nail polishes, which are developed from better, more professional hues such as beige, brown, and smokey blue.

Pikachu, Jigglypuff, and Scorbunny are featured in playful, bolder hues in the children's manicures. The other colors are pink and yellow, respectively.

Uka claims that these polish hues are ideal for busy people and children who want bright colors, but that their polishes are both drying and moisturizing. This nail polish also has a vegan recipe, with 60% of the components being plant-based, which is great if you care about that. All six nail polishes, regardless of type, will sell for 2,750 yen (US$21.95) each at uka stores around the country starting on May 13. You can also buy all six as a special set called the “uka Pokémon study six stars collection”, which will be available only for preorder online between May 6 and May 11 for 18,260 yen.



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