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New Exotic Weapons and Armor for Destiny 2: Forsaken

Updated: Aug 3, 2018

Source: Bungie

The team at Bungie have revealed a brand new set of exotic gear for us to collect in their next DLC, Forsaken. The info was published in a new trailer shown on Bungie's Youtube channel. Here is some of the new gear we will be hunting in Destiny 2: Forsaken.

Source: Bungie

Two-Tailed Fox

A rocket launcher with double the firepower. The purple and blue rocket launcher contains two barrel openings. From the clip provided in Bungie's reveal, the Two-Tailed Fox fires two rockets. One rocket is Void and the other is solar. The rockets hit two separate guardians, but it is unknown if the rockets are tracking or fired in quick succession.

Source: Bungie

Antaeus Wards

The new titan exotic boots, Antaeus Wards, are going for flashy kills. The boots generate a reflective shield when you slide. The trailer shows our titan sliding to reflect a rocket from an enemy hunter in the crucible. You can see a shoulder charge type of barrier surrounding the titan when he begins sliding. The Antaeus Wards look to be a fun exotic to use, but I don't think they will become anything more than a montage exotic. It will be interesting to see what kind of damage they do in PVE.

Source: Bungie

Trinity Ghoul

Forsaken's new gun class of Bows are getting its first exotic called the Trinity Ghoul. This Bow will generate electrical storms on precision kills. The clip shows a guardian killing an enemy captain only to have the entire mob of dregs zapped out of existence from an electric shockwave. This may be a fantastic upgrade from the Riskrunner exotic that is already in Destiny 2. Especially when Trinity Ghoul's exotic perk is triggered by something that the player has more control over.

Source: Bungie

The Sixth Coyote

Hunters are supposed to be the most mobile class in the game. The Sixth Coyote plays off of that quality and turns it up to the max. When your hunter equips this chest piece, you will be able to dodge two times. Since dodging is linked to a cooldown node, we should expect that the armor will give you a second node. This will allow hunters to be a little more slippery when it comes to using swords, shotguns and other close quarter weapons.

Source: Bungie


A brand new exotic hand cannon is coming in Destiny 2: Forsaken. The Malfeasance will create explosions after hitting an enemy with five shots. The reveal trailer displayed a massive blast which will be able to kill several grouped up enemies. To top it off, the Malfeasance has some of the cleanest linework engraved on the gun.

Source: Bungie

Black Talon

The Black Talon sword exotic has an exotic ability that closely resembles the Dawn Blade super. Heavy trigger attacks will fire a wave of void energy to attack enemies in the distance. This sword will be useful in both PVE and PVP by giving you attacks that are both close quarters and long range.

Source: Bungie

One Thousand Voices

This new trace rifle will cause drawn solar explosions. One Thousand Voices shoots a constant beam of fire that explodes after the player stops firing. This will help in mobs of enemies, but it is unknown what kind of explosions will happen when you shoot the enemy directly. One Thousand Voices will be a fantastic aerial assault weapon since you won't have to hit the enemies directly to do damage.

Source: Bungie

Chromatic Fire

This warlock chest piece will enhance your kinetic weapons with an elemental explosion. Bungie's reveal shows us a void explosion, but I hope we can change elements to help us with different strike modifiers. Being that the Chromatic Fire is an armor piece, it will be great to have explosive kills in all warlock subclasses.

Source: Bungie


Bungie's second exotic bow called the Wish-Ender has perks geared towards PVP. While scoping in on the bow, it will grant you the ability to see through walls so you can see your enemies coming. Bungie's clip shows the guardian killing two guardians with one arrow. A bow with that much power might be rare to use in the crucible, but we are not entirely sure of what the Destiny 2 sandbox changes are just yet.

Source: Bungie

Ace of Spades

Making its triumphant return from the original Destiny, the Ace of Spades was Cayde-6's weapon of choice. The hand cannon gives explosions on precision kills and now in Destiny 2 has the kill clip perk. Reloading the Ace of Spades will increase the damage of your bullets. This iconic gun has a signature reloading animation which shows your guardian doing a finger flip during the reload. You will feel just like a space cowboy every time you hit the reload button.

This has just been a small taste of some of the exotic gear coming in Destiny 2: Forsaken. The Bungie trailer ending has a little glimpse of shotguns and auto rifles, but doesn't provide any other information on them. I hope that we will get some more news on those weapons, but if we don't get it now, we will have all the information when Destiny 2: Forsaken drops on September 4th.

What do you think of the new gear coming to Destiny 2? Will it save the game from its sophomore slump? Let us know in the comments section.



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