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Netflix Leaps into March with Anime Gold

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

February is over, sadly. In honor of anime month (which I never knew it was), there are lots of anime to watch. The twist: the following anime discussed will all be available on one of the most popular streaming services. I can only be talking about anime coming to Netflix. Yes, it is unconventional for many fans in the community to watch their anime from this site but it does not matter where each one of us watches anime.

Netflix has gotten popular over the years with movies, dramas, documentaries, and even including early seasons of some beloved anime. The desire to create Netflix originals has reached the anime realm at last, as Netflix intends to continue exploding with shows us fans want to see.

There’s no need to keep checking when Netflix will add to their inventory. Save that time for streaming shows. Lucky for you guys, the schedule of which anime series on Netflix this upcoming month will be here. Without further ado, here are the six anime titles coming in March.

March 5, 2020 - Castlevania, Season 3

(Source: Netflix)

Castlevania seems to scream animated series (which means a set of animated works with a common series title, usually related to one another) since it originates with English dubs but regardless, it belongs on this list (especially since other nations have displayed interest in creating anime as well and have since changed the paradigm).

To recap, Castlevania first took the community by storm with a brief four-episode first season and was renewed for eight more episodes in its second season, introducing the “villain” Vlad Dracula Tepes. In his efforts to attain revenge for the death of his human wife, the vampire overlord has been driven to his limits and shortcomings with his not-so-loyal forces caused unimaginable consequences for him and much of the army he assembled. Along with vampire-human Adrian Tepes, also known as Alucard, and magician-Speaker Sypha Belnades, Trevor Belmont embarked on a journey to end the massacre of humanity that has been incited.

Season Three is sure to live up to the hype, especially since the plot shifts to Camilla calling the shots, now that Dracula is out of the picture. The war on humanity continues, as the night forces are in disarray and the remaining population of people is in a frenzy. What exactly should viewers hope to anticipate? Well, lots more deaths are coming for sure, as well as betrayal and supernatural feats. I am all gore it!

March 13 - Beastars, Season 1

(Source: Orange studio)

Beastars was released last fall on various anime streaming sites. Originally, it seemed to radiate battle royale vibes from the cover art and title, which immediately made it onto the “Need to watch” list. It did quickly become a romance based anime bordering into the furry territory, which made me reluctant to continue but I persevered. Glad I did.

The story so far had anthropomorphized animals living in harmony with one another. Beastars were introduced as individuals with immense talent, individuals that made hefty contributions to society and gained much acclaim. Heavy divisions emphasized between the herbivore and carnivore communities came after the sudden murder of Tem the alpaca (Zootopia anime dream come true?).

Legosi (English subtitles) or Regoshi is a large gray wolf that often works behind the scenes of the Cherryton Academy’s drama club, silently supporting the resident star, Louis. Many citizens become weary, fearful and hateful of carnivores; Legosi wants nothing more than to blend in and not draw attention to himself. After meeting Haru, a white rabbit, everything about him undergoes a change that not only shocks the rest of the animal community but most importantly, himself.

(Also, this is the perfect time for Season 1 to come out on Netflix, as Season 2 was already announced officially by Orange Studio at the end of the final episode of the first season. Time to catch up before it airs!)

March 18 - Lu Over the Wall

(Source: Science Saru and Toho)

This next one is a bit of an older anime title but if you have not seen this movie yet or wish to rewatch it, Netflix will be including it soon. If you have seen or heard of Ponyo, Lu Over the Wall brings similar vibes. The vivid colors and animation styles employed are definitely worth checking out.

Not to mention the story that is told. The premise of the film is that mermaids are feared by a certain small fishing village. The protagonist, Kai is in a band known as the Sirens. Lu, the mermaid child from Mermaid Isle, hears the music during practice one day. Kai’s father, like the rest of the village folk, have cautioned playing music near the water, which means that Lu’s abrupt appearance threatens the friendship she and Kai begin to develop.

The villagers’ own fears are delved into and the ill will towards mermaids are flashed back to. It becomes clear that aiding, exploiting or destroying the mermaids becomes a concern. However, despite this atmosphere, the movie delivers imaginative, inescapable aquatic experiences that make a big splash.

March 19 - Altered Carbon: Resleeved

(Source: Netflix)

With Altered Carbon, the Netflix original tv show just released its second season on February 27th, it is surprising that an anime film of a similar title is scripted to be released so soon! This ambitious project by Netflix not only takes place in the same cyberpunk* universe but hopes to expand on multiple aspects of the realm that have been mentioned briefly.


*(I feel this concept has always been vaguely explained, so here is a note: Cyberpunk is a science fiction genre that focuses on less than average living conditions in a high technology grade)


To refresh, the show centers around people that are able to transfer their consciousness to different bodies 300 years in the future. The cortical stack is the device that allows people to cheat death. Takeshi Kovacs is the sole survivor of a kill order on elite new world order warriors from rebels. Takeshi’s consciousness is released by a businessman, Laurens Bancroft, that asks him to solve Bancroft’s own murder.

From what is known of the film so far, Takeshi will be the protagonist once again. On planet Latimar, Takeshi will be investigating a yakuza boss’ death, while protecting a tattoo artist. Not much else has been revealed yet but this psychological thriller is sure to have you re-sleeved you gave it a chance.

March 23 - Sol Levante

(Source: Netflix and Production I.G)

Sol Levante, in Spanish and other Romance languages directly translates into “sun rise/rising.” It is interesting that Japan is called “the land of the rising sun.” This play on words is not the most intriguing but certainly interesting to explore, especially if it drives or foreshadows the plot. So far, all we know about the plot is that there are intricate supernatural creatures (especially hydra-looking ones with zillions of heads) and a character (gender non-assumable at the moment, just going off from the poster) with white hair, wrapped in black rags.

The most unique feature regarding this anime so far is the fact that Production I.G and Netflix are attempting to create an anime all hand-drawn with 4K HDR quality from the get-go.*


(Note: It is not common knowledge, per-se what 4K and HDR mean so to save readers a Google search,

“4K—aka Ultra High Definition, or UHD—sets with four times as many pixels as regular HDTVs. In short, HDR offers 1 billion colors compared to 16 million. It also is capable of using extra data based on the content- a game can make night appear darker and a day more bright by adjusting gamma and contrast on the TV.” (Source:


March 26 - 7Seeds: Part 2

(Source: GONZO, Studio Kai and Netflix)

7 Seeds takes place after Earth has endured an apocalyptic meteor strike. World leaders had preserved some people cryogenically in preparation for this event and would be awoken when technology saw the Earth as a habitable place for humans once more (this is a similar plot to The 100 so far).

Five groups of young adults were awakened and the first season focused on the group titled Summer A. A struggle to find resources and acclimate to a vastly different Japan is not as easily accomplished as one might think, as varying philosophies on life and survival quickly raise already-high tensions.

Hana was swept away by rushing waters previously. What can we hope to expect this season? From the manga, Ryo is blamed and as if matters could not get any worse, Ango takes a gun out. Obviously there are many problems with adjusting to the outside world but conflicts between characters must be resolved or many more characters will not be as fortunate as they could be if they settle their differences.

On the bright side, a leap year brings an extra day to catch up on anime or get hyped for incoming anime. Let us know in the comments which anime you are most excited to see on Netflix this month.

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