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My Neighbor Totoro Catbus Pendulum Clock

The destination is "time"! Introducing a catbus pendulum clock that ticks the clock by moving its eyes restlessly and wagging its tail. The cute GBL logo on the dial and the colorful colors will accent your room just by decorating it. The cute expressions and movements are so fun that you'll want to keep looking at them!

12,100 yen(tax included)

A cat bus pendulum clock with a retro-chic and classical feel, with eyes and tails that sway from side to side.

The small Totoro on the logo is cute, and the destination of the cat bus is "Time"!

The colorful and retro atmosphere will make your room unique♪ * Uses

2 AA batteries. contains electronic parts and magnets. Please be careful if you use a pacemaker. Do not bring this product close to TVs, computers, etc. Malfunctions may occur with porcelain. To remove dirt from the surface of the main unit, wipe it with a soft, dry cloth.




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