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My Hero Academia Season 4 Gets A New Trailer

While the fourth season for the wildly popular My Hero Academia won't be airing until October, the hype is well under way.

If you're not familiar with My Hero Academia, here's a quick and dirty summary. Izuku Midoriya's dream is to become a professional hero. Because he doesn't have a quirk (the in-universe term for superhero) that dream seems tragically out of reach. But things change for Izuku when the number one hero in the world, All Might, notices his potential and decides to pass his ability on to him, making him his successor. Izuku begins attending U.A. High School, the premiere academy for would-be heroes - but while he's training, he's forced to deal with a plethora of increasingly dangerous villains. Season 4 will be dealing with even more of these villains, particularly a man named Chisaki who is involved with both the yakuza and the league of villains, and is attempting to use a little girl to further his nefarious plans. The trailers have yet to reveal what those plans are, but one thing's for certain, it'll take some of the strongest heroes around to take him down - including All Might's former protege, Sir Nighteye. The Big Three, a group of accomplished U.A. students who made their appearance at the end of the third season will be playing a huge role, as will some new pro heroes like Fatgum, and some familiar faces like Bakugo, Tsuyu, and more!

While it's obviously too early to say anything for certain, the upcoming season seems poised to be one of the best seasons yet, and one of the highlights of Fall 2019.



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