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Minecraft Earth is bringing Minecraft to the Real World

The tenth anniversary of Minecraft is upon us and to celebrate, Mojang is giving us a new game called Minecraft Earth. This new mobile game from Mojang and Microsoft Studios takes place in the world around you by using augmented reality on your devices. Players will be able to leave their homes and build a new world outside.

(Source: Mojang)

Minecraft Earth will feature all of the same characters you know from vanilla Minecraft, but there will be new ways to interact with them all. Miners (Can we call Minecraft players that?) will be able to collect different animals and creatures, but Mojang has confirmed that there will not be any loot boxes. Hooray!

Much like the original game, Minecraft Earth wants players to work together on their creations. Mojang explains that gamers can join each other for mini-adventures and even build small scale structures. Once you have mastered these smaller buildings, you will be able to take your ideas to the larger world around you.

(Source: Mojang)

Most players of the Minecraft series are younger gamers, so Minecraft Earth is reminding players to stay safe. The game will have parental controls and settings for parents to set for their children. More information will be given about Minecraft Earth’s parental controls at a later time.

A Minecraft Earth beta will be coming to iOS, and Android devices with AR technology this summer so look forward to more info as the game enters the testing phase. For those of you that wish to help with testing, visit Mojang’s site and sign up for access. Beta testers will even get a playable Earth Skin!

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