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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 DLC Characters Revealed at San Diego Comic Con

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order launched with an impressive roster of Marvel Characters. Thanks to San Diego’s Comic-Con announcements, we can already see the character list grow.

(Source: Marvel)

With the Ultimate Alliance 3 Expansion pass, players will gain access to more members of the Marvel Universe. Characters like Loki became available to players on day one but what other heroes can players expect for the game? Here are all the characters revealed to be coming to Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3.

(Source: Destructoid)


Heavily featured in MUA3’s storyline, Cyclops, the X-Men Field Leader, will be coming to the playable roster. Players can expect his boy scout positivity and his laser-eyed tactics with the rest of the X-Men team members.

Cyclops will be available for free on August 30th.


Another character that is already in the MUA3 storyline, Colossus, the metal man will join the roster. His metal fists are sure to pack a punch against the team’s enemies.

Colossus joins the Alliance along with Cyclops as a free DLC character on August 30th.

(Source: Marvel)

Moon Knight

Marc Spector has been a Pro Boxer, a Marine, and a CIA agent, but now works under the title of Moon Knight. Fighting crime on the street level of the Marvel Universe, Moon Knight has fought alongside the Avengers and Defender teams. Soon he will join the Ultimate Alliance as part of the Marvel Knights DLC pack on September 30th.

(Source: Marvel)


The Half-Blooded Vampire Hunter, Blade, has heightened agility and durability. His ability with a sword is among the top swordsmen in the Marvel Universe. Blade will be bringing his skills to the Ultimate Alliance with the Marvel Knights DLC pack on September 30th.

(Source: USgamer)


This fan-favorite character has become a household name thanks to the announcement of a possible movie coming in 2020. Morbius is a vampire that hates what he has become. He has gone toe to toe with several characters in the Marvel Universe including Spider-Man, Doctor Strange and Blade. His inclusion in the Alliance solidifies his Anti-Hero status. Morbius will be the third character to join MUA3 in the Marvel Knights pack on September 30th.

(Source: Den of Geek)


Frank Castle is the ultimate Anti-Hero. This shoot first, ask questions later type of vigilante is bringing his set of skills to the Alliance with the rest of the Marvel Knights heroes.

(Source: Marvel)

The X-Men Pack

While most of the X-Men have already joined the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 roster, Marvel has stated that more will be coming. Since Twentieth Century Fox has given the film rights back to Marvel, we can expect the mutants to return like a Phoenix.

At this time, we do not know which mutants will be coming in the X-Men DLC pack. The X-Men Expansion will launch sometime in 2019.

(Source: Marvel)

The Fantastic Four Pack

Marvel’s First Family has also received new life thanks to the Twentieth Century Fox and Marvel deal. If we are to assume that every expansion includes four characters, then, it is safe to say that Reed, Susan, Johnny, and Ben will be in this DLC.

The Fantastic Four DLC expansion has a 2020 release date.

(Source: Marvel)

With all of these DLC Expansion packs, Players can expect more in-depth character building and even more story content from the developers at Team Ninja.

What other characters do you want to see in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order? Which of the DLC packs are you excited to play? Let us know in the comments.



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