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Marvel's Spider-Geddon just Introduced the Coolest Hulk Ever!

Over the Years Marvel has introduced some of the coolest characters. Besides the classic Spider-Man, Iron Man and Thor, each hero and villain has multiple versions of themselves through Marvel's multiverse. The Multiverse is not a new concept in the realm of comics, but it is always fun to get a fresh new look at the characters we already know and love.

Spoilers for Edge of Spider-Geddon #1 to follow.

On August 15th, Marvel began their lead up to a new Spider-Man crossover event. Edge of Spider-Geddon features Spider-Man from Earth-138. Spider-Punk only has two rules. "No Gods, No Masters." Earth-138 is all about freedom through anarchy.

While Spider-Punk is busy trying to save himself from Kang the Conglomerator, he requests the help of Captain Anarchy. The Captain America of Earth-138 gives Spider-Punk an old cassette tape while telling him to be careful with what he has just given him. Captain Anarchy then tries to distract Kang the Conglomerator to allow Spider-Punk to escape again.

Spider-Punk swings away to find his friend Robbie, who is just trying to lounge on his rooftop. Robbie seems to fear this cassette tape that Spider-Punk has only shown him. Robbie reminds Spider-Punk that, "with great power, there must also come great responsibility." This statement is at the core of all Spider-Men, in all of Marvel's Multiverses. Who is this Robbie? What is on the cassette tape?

On the next page, Kang the Conglomerator confronts Spider-Punk in the middle of the street. Spidey is ready for battle, but the next panel shows us the cassette in Robbie's hand. Robbie puts on some earbuds, and his veins begin to glow green.

Punk Hulk Smash (Source: Marvel)

"SPIDER-MAN!!" the Hulk roars as he lands right on top of Kang the Conglomerator. Punk Hulk is sporting tattoos and a mohawk. Robbie Bruce Banner is Earth-138's Hulk with an attitude. Punk Hulk begins to do massive damage to Kang the Conglomerator while he is listening to music. The beating starts to look like a single person mosh pit in the streets of New York. Finally, as Kang the Conglomerator lays defeated on the floor, we get a good look at Spider-Punk and Punk Hulk.

Spider-Punk and Punk Hulk (Source: Marvel)

We can feel the teenage angst of Earth-138 from this one panel alone. The tattoos and mohawks make me feel nostalgia for a time when Hot Topic was the only store I ever wanted to visit. The Hulk has always been one of the coolest superheroes. Marvel has already given us the Totally Awesome Hulk comic book series - although he is not Bruce Banner - I would like to see Punk Hulk even more!

Punk Hulk Deflecting Blasts (Source: Marvel)

The Spider-Geddon crossover will give a glimpse of a few different Earths in the multiverse. The lead up to this event has already filled me with excitement. I am sure we will see more of Spider-Punk especially since he will be in Spider-Man on PlayStation 4. What other characters do you think will we see in Spider-Geddon? How different will each character be from the originals? Are you excited to see more of this Hulk? Let us know.



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