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Marvel Future Fight is the First Marvel Game to get House of X and Powers of X Content

Jonathan Hickman’s House of X and Powers of X storyline is finally getting the video game treatment in Netmarble’s Marvel Future Fight (MFF). The recent comic book run has already become a must-read among Marvel fans and is quickly changing the status quo of the X-Men. Fans of the story will be pleased to hear that the newly revised X-Men will be making their first appearance in the popular mobile RPG. The announcement was made on Marvel Future Fight’s Twitter by revealing an image with Krakoan lettering. The tweet asked users to guess which mutant characters would be going back to their roots. Savy Marvel readers were quickly able to guess one of the three possible answers of Wolverine, Magneto, or Jean Grey. Typing in the correct URL gave this image:

From the picture above, we can see that Marvel Future Fight will be giving Wolverine, Magneto, and Jean Grey new uniforms. Uniforms in MFF, provide the characters with stat boosts and new in-game abilities, or skills. Higher stat numbers are an excellent thing for a dungeon-crawler RPG like Marvel Future Fight. Netmarble did not stop with just one sneak peek. The company’s update campaign usually consists of multiple sneak peeks, and the second one was a doozie. Another tweet was put out late last night, claiming that the leader of the futuristic Sentinels would also be terrorizing the mutants. If you have been reading your comics, you know that it can be none other than Nimrod.

Your average Sentinel is already a playable character in Marvel Future Fight. Because of that, many have speculated that Nimrod will be a uniform for the Sentinel character. Others have thought that Nimrod will be a completely new villain to collect, or a new Giant Boss Raid Villain to take the place of Master Mold. At this time, Netmarble has not confirmed anything, but Nimrod will definitely appear in the upcoming 5.90 update. More sneak peeks are sure to come in the next few days, and many are curious as to what other mutants will join Marvel Future Fight. Could we finally get Professor X? How about playing as Mr. Sinsister? What about another uniform for Apocalypse? He has been prominently featured in House of X and Powers of X story. Mutants have become a huge selling point for Netmarble’s Marvel Future Fight, and it’s uncanny to see this recent comic book run on a mobile game. The sneak peek art already looks great, so we can be sure that the character models will do the comic books justice. Marvel Future Fight is available for free right now on iOS and Andriod devices.



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