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Marvel Comics at C2E2 2019

This past weekend Chicago’s leading Con took over the windy city. C2E2 2019 had all of the biggest publishers there with a lot of news as to what is coming next. One such publisher in attendance was the big red Marvel Comics.

(Source: Marvel Comics)

The comic giant took to the show floor to talk about their 2019 publishing slate. Three large story arcs coming within the next few months, and they all lead up to one final event in December, but Marvel won’t spill the beans on that story just yet.

(Source: Marvel Comics)

The War of the Realms (April 2019)

Each of the Ten Realms is under siege by the evil Malekith. His dark elf army has invaded every one of the realms and conquered it, and now it’s time to take over Midgard. The only thing standing in their way are all the Marvel heroes.

Written by Jason Aaron, with art provided by Russell Dauterman, and Matthew Wilson, the War of the Realms will feature Thor, Daredevil, Spider-Man, Captain Marvel, and many more. It is up to the heroes of Midgard to stop Malekith from completing his take over and returning the Realms to peace.

(Source: Marvel Comics)

House of X / Powers of X (July 2019)

Mark your calendars because the amazing Jonathan Hickman returns to Marvel with an enormous X-Event in July 2019. House of X and Power of X will showcase all your favorite characters with the infamous X-Gene.

Hickman along with artists Pepe Larraz, R.B. Silva, and colorist, Marte Gracia are connecting all of the significant X-Men event stories back to 1963 with these side-by-side comic books. House of X and Power of X will release on an alternating weekly schedule starting with House of X in July.

(Source: Marvel Comics)

Absolute Carnage (August 2019)

Just when you thought the major events would stop, our friend, Cletus Kasady returns with his partner, Carnage. This time Carnage has a list of anyone who has ever merged with a symbiote, and he wants to take them out. Donny Cates will pen the story and art will be provided by Ryan Stegman and Frank Martin.

The Marvel Universe has seen a lot of symbiotes since the introduction of Spider-Man’s black suit so there will be a lot of people in Carnage’s way. The cover of the first comic book cover art already reveals some of Carnage’s victims. Let’s hope that someone can stop him.

Mystery December Event (December 2019)

During the Panel at C2E2 2019, Marvel teased a mystery event slated for December of 2019. While they did not give any details on the story, their Editor in Chief, C.B. Cebulski, had this to say:

“The Marvel Universe is a tapestry of connections, with hidden clues and incredible details woven into every story. Our new publishing slate highlights the biggest moments for us this year…and we think you all will be excited for the next reveal planned this December.”

What do you think of Marvel’s announcements for C2E2 2019? Are you excited read these large event stories? Let us know in the comments below.



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