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Made In Abyss: Journey's Dawn Was Kind Of A Downer

On March 20th, I went to see the theatrical release of Made in Abyss: Journey's Dawn. For me, the experience was a deeply disappointing one. That's not because of the film itself - it's because I didn't realize that it was a recap film. If you're planning to check out dubbed version on March 25th, or want to watch the movie through whatever streaming service offers it in the months to come, you should know what you're getting into. Journey's Dawn offers a single new scene at the beginning of the film, and there are some new voiceover lines, but other than that it's a rehashing of the first eight episodes.

Why might the film be worth seeing anyway? First of all, the new scene offered insight into the relationship between Lyza and Torka, Riko's parents. It also depicted life inside the Abyss for experienced travelers. If you're not already a Made in Abyss fan, it's a good way to get the gist without committing yourself to a full twelve episodes - and to avoid dealing with Nanachi and Mitti, whose storyline is arguably the most painful part of the show.

Finally, after the movie there was a behind-the scenes segment that offered insight into the production of Made in Abyss. If you're a hardcore fan who loves trivia, the theatrical release may be worth it just for that.

For me, none of these things made the film worthwhile. I bought my ticket assuming I'd be getting new material, because it didn't occur to me that a recap would be shown in theaters, so I felt cheated - my fault for not doing my research. I'm neither a hardcore Made in Abyss fan nor a new viewer - I saw it and enjoyed it thoroughly, but it's not one of my obsessions. While it was nice to see the minimal amount of new material - and to see how utterly adorable Torka was - it wasn't worth the ticket price.

If it appeals to you, you might be able to catch the dub on March 25th.



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