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Live-Action Don't Call It Mystery Film

In its second week, the live-action adaptation of Yumi Tamura's manga "Don't Call It Mystery" (also known as "Mystery to Iu Nakare" or "Do Not Say Mystery") maintained its dominant position at the box office. The film managed to sell an impressive 372,000 tickets, accumulating a total of 521,053,770 yen (equivalent to approximately US$3.49 million) over the weekend. The film's remarkable success continues, with a cumulative total of 1.49 million tickets sold, resulting in a staggering total box office revenue of 2,042,091,740 yen (about US$13.71 million).

The movie's storyline revolves around the captivating "Hiroshima Arc," featured in the manga's second to fourth volumes. This arc unfolds as Kunō embarks on a journey to Hiroshima, becoming embroiled in a fierce battle for the Kariatsumari family's inheritance.

The film made its debut on September 15, achieving remarkable results by selling 609,600 tickets during its first three days, amassing 850,483,760 yen (approximately US$5.71 million) in revenue. Masaki Suda skillfully reprised his role as the protagonist, Totonō Kunō, a character known to manga enthusiasts from the live-action series.

The creative team behind the live-action series, including Hiroaki Matsuyama as director, Tomoko Aizawa as scriptwriter, and Ken Arai as the music composer, all returned to lend their expertise to the film adaptation.

The manga's storyline follows Totonō Kunō, a college student with a knack for solving mysteries. The narrative kicks off with Kunō being brought in for questioning by the police under suspicion of his classmate's murder.



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