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Knights of the Zodiac Film Dub Cast

On Monday, the Japanese dub cast for Knights of the Zodiac, the live-action adaptation of Masami Kurumada's Saint Seiya manga, was revealed.

Tomasz Baginski, an Academy Award-nominated creator of special effects and animation from Poland (The Witcher, "Katedra," short animation), is directing for Toei through Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions. The stunt and fight coordinator is Andy Cheng (Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings). 10 Cloverfield Lane's Josh Campbell and Matt Stuecken are the most recent screenwriters for the movie. With the exception of China and the Middle East, Toei is in charge of distribution in Japan, and Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions is in charge of distribution abroad.

The Hollywood Reporter summarizes the movie's plot as follows:

Mackenyu is playing the franchise's titular character, Seiya, a street orphan, in what is being billed as an origin narrative. Seiya sets out on a quest to conquer the Pegasus armor of ancient Greece after the mysterious force known as Cosmo awakens within him. He also decides whose side he will take in a supernatural conflict over the fate of Sienna (Iseman), a young girl who fights to manage her heavenly abilities.

Seiya is accepted into the Knights organization, which Alman Kido, who plays Bean's mentor, formed after discovering the goddess' reincarnation, recruits her into. A guy named Tinoco has been recruited to murder the helpless deity.

According to Toei Animation producer Yoshi Ikezawa, the live-action franchise is "looking at six movies as a bundle" from Toei Animation. Toei Animation has "already started the conversation" about creating sequels, he continued.

From 1986 through 1990, Kurumada published the original Saint Seiya comic. Several television anime, original video anime projects, anime movies, and spinoff manga have all been influenced by the manga. 35 million copies of the first series have been printed. An anime adaptation of the Saint Seiya: Saintia Sh manga is also available.

The Japanese cast includes (pictured above from left to right with cast on bottom row and characters on top row):

The film will open in Japan on April 28. The film is titled Saint Seiya: The Beginning in Japan.



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