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Interview with Kaoru Wada and Yuki Hayashi Otakon 2022

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

What a great weekend it was in Otakon. We had the pleasure to sit down and talk to two amazing Japanese composers and arrangers Yuki Hayashi (My Hero Academia, Haikyu!!, Gundam Build Fighters) and Kaoru Wada (InuYasha, Ninja Scroll, Samurai 7) as they talked to us about their careers and creation process.

Is there someone you wish to work with here, in America (another composer or group or company of musicians)?

Hayashi: Oh, that is a good question, let me get back to you!

Wada: It’s not a specific person but a well-known group like the Los Angeles and New York philharmonic orchestra.

Hayashi: I too can’t pick someone specific, but I don’t mind working with anything in the Hollywood or American industry, maybe the cartoon companies since I know I am independent. I am more open and can do much more stuff.

Has there been a moment in your line of work where you had an accident that led to something amazing and kept it going? For example, a mistake but thought later why not, this piece might be great!

Hayashi: So, at the time of season 3 of “My Hero Academia'' the soundtrack was at the end of the year and said “Wouldn’t it be funny if I did in The Theme of Allmight on The Shakuhachi and play it all in traditional Japanese flute.” I played around with it and that got into the soundtrack.

We all laugh.

Wada: This might be funny, in 1995 season 4 of GeGeGe no Kitarō, yokai show. There was a yokai character with a guitar ( I went into the booth with a guitar to play as myself and started playing some modern style. The reason why some might find this funny, is that I was all alone recording and playing at the studio which was hard.

Is there a movie you would wish to be in? American or any movie in the world?

Wada: So, I don’t want to take anyone's past work because I think all past work is amazing like for example “Star Wars” which is impressive. I love the composition in Godzilla, and I have so much respect. I would love to work with anything new or any new upcoming films.

Hayashi: Not sure if this will answer your question but when we are put in a position as musician for hire, or composers for hire, we usually get our work from the director. For example, “Director is saying this would not be complete without you.” We are happy that someone or something needs us or would be happy to fulfill that. It’s a bit different from us seeking things out or ordering for a specific thing that needs us that is coming in.

One singer here in America that you would like to work with?

Hayashi: Retro and upcoming kind of thing, using any kind of strings. I think it could be interesting if we could do something like, since we are soundtrack kind of people, doing something with the pop side of things.

Wada: I don’t have any singers in mind, I think all singers around the world are amazing, but like I mentioned before I don’t mind working with orchestra members here in America. I would love to work with the Los Angeles and New York philharmonic orchestra.

If you could cosplay one character, who would it be?

Hayashi: Spy X Family

Wada: I love all, is it ok to say all?

We all laugh.

What an amazing time we had with two of the best composers here at Otakon. We hope to meet with them again with more awesome questions in the future.



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