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Kadabra (Pokemon card) is back!

Following a lawsuit that resulted in a more than 20-year ban, Kadabra is supposedly making a comeback in the Pokémon Trading Card Game.

According to PokéBeach, Kadabra will appear in the next Pokémon Card 151 collection for the first time since 2002's Skyridge set. After magician Uri Geller sued the Pokémon Company for utilizing his likeness in the cards, the company stopped printing Kadabra cards (and deleted it from the anime), though Geller later withdrew his claim.

Kadabra's comeback was confirmed by the list of cards included in the Pokémon Card 151 set, which PokéBeach obtained. Geller also provided a statement expressing his happiness that Kadabra was once more being printed.

The Pokémon Company has occasionally found ways to get past the absence of Kadabra, the midpoint in the Abra to Alakazam evolution line, but has generally shied away from these Pokémon.

For instance, Abra has only appeared once since Skyridge in the Mysterious Treasures collection from 2007. The Pokémon Company didn't employ this tactic again, but in this instance, it possessed a special ability that allowed it to evolve directly into Alakazam and obviate the need for Kadabra.

Otherwise, it started creating specialized Alakazam cards, like as those for Pokémon Lv. X or V, that let it to be used without initially evolving. Despite Kadabra's 20-year absence, Pokémon cards have become more popular than ever, as shown, among other things, by the volume of theft attempts.

In the second half of 2022, Tokyo police reported an unprecedented number of trading card thefts, while in February 2022, it was claimed that $250,000 worth of Pokémon products was taken from a small gaming shop in Minnesota. One month later, a guy was detained in Tokyo after reportedly staging an actual heist to steal the priceless cards.

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