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Jump Start your Comic Obsession with these Issue #1's

Issue #1 is the absolute best place to start reading comic books. This week we have three fantastic starting points for anyone who wants to jump into reading stories about their favorite heroes. All of these books have brand new creative teams who have been sharpening their pencils to work on these fantastic characters.

The Amazing Spider-Man (2018) #1 (Source: Marvel)

The Amazing Spider-Man

From writer Nick Spencer (Secret Empire, Superior Foes of Spider-Man) comes a new Peter Parker with the same old problems. After writer Dan Slott's long run on the series, Nick Spencer has brought Peter back to his basics with new roommates, new villains, and a new love interest. Artist, Ryan Ottley (Invincible) gives Spidey the fresh look he needs to get back to helping his neighborhood and the people he cares about the most.

After losing Parker Industries and his credibility as a graduate of Empire State University, Peter has to find out how to make everything right again. He has disappointed his fellow superheroes and his beloved Aunt May. Of course, Peter can't entirely explain what happened to him. When Dr. Otto Octavious took over Peter's body in Superior Spider-Man, Otto did things that Peter would not usually do. Peter must deal with those repercussions and be a better Spider-Man than before.

Superman (2018) #1 (Source: DC Comics)


Superman has been given a new perspective on the world after the Man of Steel miniseries, and he has a few ideas that he wants to put in motion. The infamous writer Brian Michael Bendis (Ultimate Spider-Man, Alias, House of M) is penning the comic. Bendis' recent exclusive deal with DC comics started with Action Comics Issue #1000. Artist, Ivan Reis (Aquaman, Green Lantern, Justice League) is helping Bendis bring Metropolis into the light with his colorful panels. Superman's plans for Metropolis are plenty, but first, he will have to find out how to get Earth out of the Phantom Zone.

Jessica Jones #1 (Source: Marvel)

Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones is now married to Luke Cage and has an adorable baby girl, but that doesn't mean her problems will go away. Writer Kelly Thompson (West Coast Avengers, Nancy Drew) and artist, Mattia De Lulis (Kimera Mendax) is bringing Jessica Jones back to the neo-noir detective work that we all know and love. Jessica's first task? She must deal with the shady past that is coming back to haunt her and her family. It seems as though Jessica will never get a break from her past. Jones' super strength and no-nonsense attitude are the qualities that Thompson promises to bring back to the character.

Jessica Jones is restarting her private investigation business, Alias, which is an excellent step in the noir direction. The original Alias series was never for young audiences, so we can expect some dark tones in Thompson's work. Let's hope she delivers.

All of these comics are available to read today! So head on down to your local comic book shop or your favorite digital reading device and start reading. Are there any comics you want us to talk about? Did you enjoy these comic book stories? Let us know in the comments.



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