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Jak And Daxter on PC

Over the last few years, we've noticed something wonderful: fans of older console games are repurposing outdated code to create native PC versions of titles that were never released officially. It's happened before with Nintendo games, but now it's happening with a PlayStation platformer. They said a few words on the matter:

We have added a plethora of options to the game settings (and removed some that didn’t make sense) so that you can have a more up-to-date experience, or a more PS2-like experience if you decide. It is up to you! There are also a bunch of extra goodies and added secrets to find out. We aim to keep the core gameplay (controls, physics, behaviors, etc.) identical, so if you find any issues or differences with this, do not hesitate to tell us about it.

Better subtitle controls, custom resolutions, and camera controls are among the "more up-to-date" features, but they've also made the orbs "easier to see" in terms of regular gameplay. It appears to be a tremendous effort. Not only will the game work on PC, but it will also feature some modern changes, such as subtitle and resolution settings, as well as easier-to-spot Precursor orbs. However, the gameplay will be the same. Although this isn't an officially recognized project, the folks working on it appear to be treating it with care.

It's been described in detail how this works, not fully done yet, and has some glitches. Without getting too technical, the team is disassembling the PS2 game's code, which was developed in a proprietary Naughty Dog language, and then recompiling it for x86-64. Fans are essentially dismantling Jak and Daxter and reassembling it with their own tools. Welcome to see how the community at git hub did it, so far by clicking on this link:



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